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Ready to kick your fat loss up a notch? Look no further than BPM Labs’ intense thermogenic fat burner, Annihilate!


  • Intense thermogenic fat burner
  • May increase strength and endurance
  • May improve metabolism
  • May enhance focus, mood and energy


Just as the name suggests, BPM Labs’ game-changing fat burner is designed to annihilate your fat, while simultaneously enhancing your strength, endurance and metabolism. While many people tend to see a dip in their performance and a slower metabolism while dieting, Annihilate has been carefully designed to make sure you don’t. Containing an elixir of incredible fat burning, cognitive-enhancing and energy-boosting ingredients, BPM Labs Annihilate is the perfect fat loss supplement to help you get more from your training and results.

So, what’s inside? The formula contains Eria Jarensis to help enhance your mental focus and boost your mood to give you the ultimate drive to push harder and train with intention in the gym. Additionally, Green Tea Extract has been added to the mix to help promote higher levels of lipolysis (the breakdown of fats), which is further supported by the caffeine component, which also helps to improve lipolysis rates, while simultaneously enhancing your energy levels. The fat-burning capabilities don’t stop there. BPM Labs Annihilate also contains Niacin to assist with increasing thermogenesis in the body and raising your resting metabolic rate, while African Mango has been added to help control your appetite.


Looking for enhanced strength, improved speed and endurance, increased metabolic rate, enhanced fat burning, and increased motivation to push yourself to your limits? Look no further than BPM Labs Annihilate!

Begin by taking 1/2 scoop to gauge tolerance. Consume the recommended serving size as a dietary supplement with 8-10 oz (250ml-300ml) of water, stir sufficiently and consume on an empty stomach. Do not use more than 2 scoops in a 24 hr period.

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