Chemix Intra-Workout

Chemix Intra-Workout

Science-based intra-workout formula.

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Do you already have your pre and post-workout nutrition on point and are looking for a way to ramp up your performance and results even further? Look no further than Chemix Intra-Workout!


  • May provide long-lasting energy
  • May enhance electrolytes
  • May accelerate muscle recovery
  • May improve blood flow to muscles
  • May boost strength and performance
  • May reduce muscle cramping in the body
  • Caffeine-free formula


An intra-workout supplement is designed to be consumed throughout the duration of your workout to maximise performance while you train. However, while a pre and post-workout supplement should be consumed immediately, an intra-workout should be sipped on during your training session to ensure the body is adequately fueled with the key nutrients it requires to function at peak performance for the entire workout.

What can you expect from Chemix Intra-Workout? A generous dosage of calcium to aid optimal muscle contractions, potassium to enhance natural energy levels, and sodium to help keep blood pressure levels in check. Additionally, cluster dextrin has been added to the formula to provide a sustained-release of energy, while dextrose has been added to provide a source of fast-acting sugar to help improve the replenishment of muscle glycogen. Furthermore, Creapure Creatine Monohydrate has been added to help maximise ATP production, which will subsequently improve energy, and Betaine Anhydrous may improve strength and power. Last but not least, Pink Himalayan Salt is a key player in helping to balance electrolyte levels for optimal performance.


If you’re supplementing with a pre-workout to enhance your performance and are taking care of your post-workout nutrition to aid muscle recovery, what are you doing to fuel and replenish key nutrients while you train? Introducing Chemix’s game-changing formula, Intra-Workout. Designed to provide long-lasting energy, enhance electrolytes, aid muscle recovery, improve blood flow, and boost strength and performance, Chemix Intra-Workout is your go-to caffeine-free formula!

As a dietary supplement, take one full serving with 16 - 20oz of water at the beginning of your workout. For best results, drink the entire serving before the end of a workout.

Nutrition & Ingredients

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