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GAT Carbotein

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GAT Carbotein is a high performance carbohydrate supplement to support rapid post-workout glycogen replenishment. When you exercise, especially in high intensity, explosive settings such as weight lifting or interval training, your body is using up fuel in the form of glycogen. Replenishing it quickly is the key to hitting the gym with the same levels of intensity as before. The best way to do this is with fast acting carbohydrates that not only digest quickly, but are quickly absorbed and carried by the bloodstream to your muscles.

Carbotein combines the power of six different types of carbohydrates for swift glycogen replenishment, but can also be used to extend endurance when taken before or during your training sessions. The formula also provides a hit of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) to help support muscle building and recovery as well as electrolytes to help you restore hydration. Carbotein is to performance and endurance what protein is to muscles and recovery. If you want to blast each and every training session, then you want to make sure GAT’s Carbotein is part of your stack.

Product Highlights

  • 30g of Carbohydrates
  • 6 different types of quick digesting carbs including maize, rice and potato maltodextrin, oligodextrin, Fibersol and fructose
  • Added BCAAs to support muscle recovery and growth processes
  • Boosted with electrolytes for hydration recovery
Nutrition & Ingredients