GenTec Pre-Intra-Post Stack

GenTec Pre-Intra-Post Stack
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  • GenTec Psyched 3.0 (20 Serves)
  • GenTec P2P (900g)
  • TR3 (1.6kg)

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GenTec Pre-Intra-Post Stack
GenTec Pre-Intra-Post Stack

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    GenTec Psyched 2.0

    GEN-TEC Nutrition’s PSYCHED 2.0 is a unique pre-workout formulation created for people engaging in high-intensity training with objectives of improved performance and lean muscle mass. The synergistic combination of ingredients in PSYCHED 2.0 have been paired to aid focus/vigilance and energy levels while promoting an increased muscular pump throughout weight training. PSYCHED 2.0 is reinforced with C and B group vitamins to assist adrenal function and decrease post-exercise fatigue.

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    GenTec P2P

    Fire through your workouts and achieve the results you are looking for with Gen-Tec’s intra workout supplement, P2P.

    An advanced workout formula designed to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to sustain high intensity training, and to promote strength and endurance when you need it the most. Delivering the essential carbohydrates your body needs to replace glycogen stores and to provide rapidly absorbed and utilized energy, Gen-Tec P2P is loaded with BCAAs, Creatine Monohydrate, as well as Glutamine and Vitamin C, to result in increased strength, lean muscle mass and optimised recovery.

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    GenTec TR3

    Gen-Tec Nutrition's TR3 - Total recovery phase 3 has been designed for anyone that wants to improve recovery, increase strength and lean muscle mass.

    Gen-Tec TR3 is an advanced post workout recovery formula that contains the perfect ratio of protein and carbohydrates to provide your body with everything needed to recover and increase lean muscle mass.

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