Inner Glow Collagen Shot

Inner Glow Collagen Shot
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5000mg of French Marine Collagen to help you glow from the inside out.

Available in 500ml (10 x 50ml vials).

CLEARANCE - Inner Glow Collagen Shot*

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It’s no secret that beauty begins from within, and thanks to the launch of SUP’s brand new Inner Glow Collagen, you can now glow from the inside out!

Collagen is one of the key building blocks of our skin and plays a vital role in keeping it feeling plump, radiant and smooth. Yet, an unfortunate factor of ageing is that our natural collagen production declines. The result? Wrinkles, lines and unwanted sagging. SUP’s Inner Glow Collagen Shot has been carefully designed to restore your skin to its former glory by nourishing your body with a potent dose of Marine Collagen and skin-loving vitamins. Where skin elasticity and hydration meets firmness and added glow, SUP’s Inner Glow Collagen Shot is designed to do exactly that!

Key Features & Benefits:

  • 100% natural flavours & colours
  • 5000mg French Marine Collagen - Marine Collagen is a high-quality and ready bio-available form of collagen to help nourish skin. Additionally, Jasmine Green Tea Extract has been added to the mix to increase skin elasticity and help balance your skin’s natural moisture.
  • Fight against free radical damage - Vitamin C has been added to the mix to reduce free radical damage to ensure your skin is left looking and feeling more radiant than ever!
  • Promotes hair & nail health - Rich in antioxidants, Inner Glow Collagen Shot will help to protect against free radical damage, promote shinier hair and much stronger nails. 

Enjoy the benefits of collagen with a range of added nutrients to ensure optimal inner health thanks to SUP’s high-quality Marine Collagen-based Inner Glow Collagen Shot.

Take one 50mL vial every 3 days to support your skin's natural glow and plumpness.

Special event around the corner? Take one 50mL vial every day for 10 days before your big event.

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