Beauty Spa Pack

Beauty Spa Pack

Bundle & save with the Fitique Beauty Spa Pack.

  • Fitique Gold Hydrogel Beauty Mask
  • Fitique 7 Day Foot Spa Exfoliator
  • Fitique Hand & Nail Repair Mask

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Fitique Gold Hydrogel Beauty Mask

Are you tired of dealing with dry and dehydrated skin post-workout? With Fitique’s latest game-changing formula, you no longer have to. Introducing - Hydrogel!

As leading innovators of sports recovery beauty products, Fitique has raised the bar with the launch of their luxurious gel-like mask, which contours the face perfectly to deliver an instant cooling and moisturising sensation to alleviate the symptoms of dry and dull skin. Containing an elixir of ingredients that help to combat dryness and signs of ageing, Hydrogel makes the perfect post-workout routine for anyone wanting to train hard, while maintaining optimal skin hydration.

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Fitique 7 Day Foot Spa Exfoliator

Who doesn’t love the feeling of silky smooth and rejuvenated feet after a gruelling workout? Thanks to Fitique’s 7 Day Foot Spa, you can now enjoy the ultimate exfoliator that will ensure your feet feel soft, repaired and moisturised all day long!

From keeping us stabilised and balanced to helping us perform everyday functions, our feet are undeniably one of our most important limbs, yet also our most taken for granted. Whether you’ve been exercising, standing all day, or are simply struggling to rid your feet of odour, Fitique’s 7 Day Foot Spa is designed to offer a purposeful at home treatment to relax your feet, remove hardened skin, soften cracks, minimise calluses, and eliminate any bacteria that is causing odour.

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Fitique Hand & Nail Repair Mask

Struggling to repair your dry and rough hands? It’s no secret that smooth hands and rigorous workouts simply do not go hand in hand. However, with the launch of Fitique’s Hand & Nail Repair Mask, you can now enjoy a gruelling workout, while maintaining optimal hand softness!

Despite popular belief, masks aren’t just for rejuvenating your face. In fact, Fitique has paved the way with their collection of cutting-edge sports recovery repair masks. And their brand new hand & Nail mask is simply no exception. Designed to repair calluses and moisturise, repair and nourish your dry skin instantly, Fitique Hand & Nail incorporates a soft non-woven fabric stocking and waterproof exterior for a comfortable and equally convenient application!

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