ASN Wellness Pack

ASN Wellness Pack
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  • Evolve Green Machine (300g)
  • Evolve L-Glutamine (500g)
  • Musclewerks Code Red (15 Serves)
  • ASN 600ml Shaker

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ASN Wellness Pack
ASN Wellness Pack

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    Evolve Green Machine

    There is nothing more difficult than sticking to the perfect diet. While you might be keeping track of your daily intake of protein, carbs and fat, avoid certain nasties or try to eat “clean”, meeting your daily intake of greens & super greens are often overlooked. Enter; Evolve Green Machine.

    A premium blend of nature’s finest organic superfoods, and the best tasting, most convenient way to incorporate more of mother nature’s health benefits into your diet. Containing a blend of highly nutritional antioxidants and vitamins designed to keep your body performing at an optimal state of health and wellbeing, Evolve Green Machine will leave you with more energy, radiant skin, stronger hair and nails and most importantly, feeling incredible.

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    Evolve L-Glutamine

    L-Glutamine has earnt its place as one of the most sought after recovery products on the market. With over 60% of skeletal muscle being made up of Glutamine, and as the most abundant amino acid in the human body, supplementing with Evolve L-Glutamine leads to decreased muscle breakdown and improved protein metabolism, supporting new muscle growth. 

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    Musclewerks Code Red

    Code Red is the latest fully-dosed liver cleansing & detoxification product available on the market. This clinically tested MIC (Methionine + Inositol + Choline) lipotropic compound will aid the gentle removal of unwanted toxins and fats, consequently lowering the load on your liver and enhancing its functions.

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