Complete Crunchy Cookies (35g)

Complete Crunchy Cookies (35g)

Delicious bite-sized Complete Crunchy Cookies by Lenny & Larry's

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Looking for the perfect guilt-free snack rolled into a bite-sized cookie? Look no further than Lenny & Larry’s Complete Crunchy Cookies!

With Complete Crunchy Cookies, satisfying your sweet tooth while simultaneously getting your plant-based source of protein and fibre has never been easier. Boasting delicious flavour, a clean formula and the ultimate crunch, you’ll have no post-snack regret after inhaling a bag of Lenny & Larry’s flavoursome goodness. This non-GMO and no soy, dairy, egg, artificial sweeteners, cholesterol and sugar alcohol formula is the perfect go-to lunchbox snack for your little ones or midday snack to keep you feeling satiated for longer!

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Non-GMO
  • Clean formula - Containing no trans fat, no soy, no dairy, no egg, no high-fructose corn syrup, no cholesterol, no artificial sweeteners and no sugar alcohols, what’s not to love about this highly nutritious and equally delicious formula?
  • Plant-based formula - These cookies are Kosher and vegan-friendly! 
  • 7g Protein - In addition to helping to increase muscle mass, strength and recovery, protein also plays an important role in helping you feel fuller for longer. 
  • 4g Fibre - From helping to normalise bowel movements and maintain bowel health to assisting with lowering cholesterol levels and controlling blood sugar levels, fibre boasts a range of health benefits for both your internal health and your functionality! 

What are you waiting for? Treat your taste buds to an undeniably delicious, nutritious and crunchy snack with Lenny & Larry’s Complete Crunch Cookies!

Nutrition & Ingredients

Based on Chocolate Chip flavour

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