Non-stimulant pump & performance pre-workout.

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Are you looking for enhanced performance, splitting focus and the ultimate muscle pump to help you gear up for a killer workout, with the results to show for it? Look no further than Muscle Nation’s pump and performance pre-workout, Three-D!

Containing an elixir of hard-hitting ingredients that work synergistically together to promote muscle strength and endurance, focus and motivation, and of course an undeniable muscle pump, what’s not to love about Muscle Nation’s game-changing pre-workout formula? If quality, results and effectiveness are what you look for most in a product, there’s no better choice than Three-D. This caffeine and stimulant-free formula allows you to enjoy a sustainable supply of energy, without the crash known to many heavy caffeine and stimulant-based products. Wondering what makes Three-D a standout product? Unlike many other pump products on the market that contain Glycerol Monostearate and generally cause severe bloating, Three-D is made from GlycerPump, which is a more efficient and easily absorbed form of Glycerol.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • No stimulants or caffeine
  • Improves muscle pump - GlycerPump has been added to the formula, due to it being a superior quality, reliable and efficient form of Glycerol. How does it work? GlycerPump works by helping to increase the concentration of fluid in the blood and intracellular tissues, which in turn increases exercise performance and overall muscle pumps. Additionally, Nitrosigine, Vaso 6 and L-Citrulline have also been added to the mix to provide a potent and effective elixir of ingredients that promote the production of nitric oxide through arginine. However, during the production, it also produces an enzyme called Arginase, which limits the amount of nitric oxide your body can create, resulting in muscle pump restrictions. To combat this issue, L-Norvaline has been added to the formula to inhibit arginase production, allowing your body to produce more nitric oxide and subsequently, larger, stronger and more intense muscle pumps.
  • Enhances performance - Three-D is so much more than just your standard pump product. A generous dose of Betaine Anhydrous and cutting-edge, new-age ingredient, elevATP has been added to the formula to promote an increase in muscle endurance and muscle strength. Wondering how? elevATP is a patented ingredient that is widely recognised for its ability to help boost ATP levels, which in turn helps to increase strength and power output. Simply put, when more ATP is available, the better you are able to perform. As for Betaine Anhydrous, it has been added to the mix owing to its ability to enhance muscle oxygen consumption, boost muscle protein synthesis, increase muscle endurance and enhance muscle power output. In other words, the muscle building capabilities known to Betaine Anhydrous is exactly why it should be a requirement for all pre-workouts. Not to mention, Taurine will help to encourage harder and longer muscle contraction, replenish intramuscular calcium levels and draw more water into the muscle cells for volumistion.
  • Supports increased focus & mood - Muscle Nation Three-D contains over 1,600 mg of nootropics to give your body exactly what it needs to achieve razor-sharp focus and an elevated mood. Containing a nootropic blend consisting of AlphaSize Alpha GPC Huperzine, Velvet Bean Mucuna Pruriens, Lion’s Mane and Tyrosine, Three-D provides a sustainable, reliable and synergistic supply of focus and energy to help you get the most out of your workout.
  • Enhances absorption rate - To promote enhanced absorption and utilisation, AstraGin and S7 have been added to the formula to ensure your body is getting the most from the nutrients you’re feeding it.

What are you waiting for? Prepare yourself for a killer workout with the pre-workout to match. Where quality meets results, Muscle Nation Three-D is your go-to choice!

Take 1 to 2 scoops with water 20 minutes prior to training.

Nutrition & Ingredients

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