C4 Original On The Go Drink

C4 Original On The Go Drink

C4 Original carbonated drink by Cellucor.

Available in 454ml.

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Looking for a performance increasing, endurance enhancing and muscle pump boosting energy drink without all the nasty sugar? Look no further than Cellucor’s C4 Carbonated On The Go energy drink!


  • Sugar-free, calorie-free and carb-free
  • Helps to enhance endurance levels
  • Enhances muscle pumps
  • Fast acting and sustained energy source
  • Helps to enhance muscle strength and performance
  • Boosts focus and motivation


Enjoy everything you love most about energy drinks without nasty additives and fillers, thanks to Cellucor's delicious carbonated, canned and charged energy drink designed to keep you fuelled throughout the day. Containing zero sugar, zero calories, and zero carbs, C4 Carbonated On The Go is loaded with a mix of ingredients that work to increase endurance, enhance muscle pumps, boost energy levels, improve muscle strength and performance, and enhance focus and motivation.

Cellucor C4 Carbonated On The Go contains CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine to help delay the onset of fatigue, which in turn allows you to train harder and for longer, resulting in enhanced power and performance. Likewise, Citrulline Malate has been added to the mix to help increase nitric oxide levels, which enhances muscle pumps and the rate and volume at which nutrients are delivered to the working muscle tissue. BetaPower Betaine plays an important role in helping to maintain the electrolyte concentration in your cells, while simultaneously supporting hydration to promote optimal muscle functionality. Additionally, caffeine has been added to the formula to deliver a natural and sustained supply of energy, while N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine helps to support mental and cognitive functionality during stressful situations.


Quench your thirst and take your performance to new heights with Cellucor’s game-changing pre-workout formula in a can. Taste, convenience and performance in one!

Nutrition & Ingredients

Based on Tropical Blast flavour

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