Hydroxyburn Shred Twin Pack

Hydroxyburn Shred Twin Pack

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Hydroxyburn Shred Twin Pack
Hydroxyburn Shred Twin Pack

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    Hydroxyburn Shred Twin Pack includes:

    - 2x Hydroxyburn Shred 60 Serve (RRP $64.95)

    Increase metabolism, burn calories and blast stubborn fat cells with BSC Hydroxyburn Shred.

    With BSC’s Hydroxyburn Shred Neuro-Thermogenic fat burner, you’ll be in the fat burning zone, both physically and mentally, with a potent combination of thermogenic fat burners and nootropic ingredients, to get the most out of your training results, while combatting the mental side-effects of long-term calorie deficit from dieting.

    Packed full of natural sources of caffeine, as well as Garcinia Gumm--Gutta Fruit Peel, Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Tyrosine, as well as a host of natural fat metabolizing ingredients, it’s never been easier to get shredded for summer than with BSC’s Hydroxyburn Shred.

    Assisting in weight loss while suppressing appetite, you’ll be able to keep those result-crushing cravings at bay, while burning through your day with improved mood and energy, while stimulating the metabolization of stubborn fat cells impeding you from reaching your goals.

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