Fuel X3

Fuel X3

Sleek & sophisticated meal prep bag.

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Where a sleek and sophisticated design meets a highly practical and innovative storage system, the Swole FUEL X3 has got you covered.

With the help of Swole meal prep bags, sticking to your nutrition plan has never been so easy. Offering lightweight and ergonomic properties, the Swole FUEL X3 boasts quality and promises all of the features you look for most in a bag - undeniable comfort, an organised layout and a premium quality finish. Don’t be fooled by the compact appearance of this bag, the FUEL X3 allows you to comfortably carry three large meals, additional snacks, vitamins, water, supplement bottles and more.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Ergonomic strap system - The Fuel Compact bag offers a removable adjustable shoulder strap and easy-carry handles to suit your personal style and day-to-day activities.
  • 2 x large freezer packs - Keep your food cold in summer and fresh during the cooler months of the year with Fuel Compacts two large freezer packs.
  • 3 x 800ml leak-proof sure seal containers - Tired of cleaning up the mess from loose container seals? The Fuel Compact comes with 3 x 800ml leak-proof containers, designed with a strong rubber gasket that snaps closed to ensure your food stays put.
  • Plastic container organiser system - Keep your food secure all day long with Swole’s signature removable plastic container organiser system, which allows you to keep your containers secure and organised.

Highly practical and stylish in design, we know you won’t be disappointed with Swole’s FUEL X3 innovative meal prep storage solution.

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