4" Lever Belt - Black/White Leather

4" Lever Belt - Black/White Leather

Weight belts don't just look legit; they've earned their place in the weights room. They're beneficial in both preventing injury and supporting big lifts. The Get Gripped weightlifting belt is of premium quality, has a stylish look, and a high level of comfort…... What more could you want from a weight belt?

Size Chart

Small   29" - 38"     74cm - 97cm

Med     33" - 42"     84cm - 107cm

Large   37" - 46"    94cm - 117cm


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Get Gripped - 4" Stylish Black/White Leather Lever weightlifting Belt


  • Heavy -duty stitching for longevity
  • Comes complete with a black lever clasp
  • Genuine suede/leather
  • 4” width, 10mm thick
  • May reduce stress on the lower back
  • Size chart: small (29" - 38" 74cm - 97cm), medium (33" - 42" 84cm - 107cm) and large (37" - 46" 94cm - 117cm)

Size tip: The belt should sit around your waist, rather than your hips. 


Do you incorporate big compound movements such as deadlifts, squats, or cleans in your fitness regime? Then a weightlifting belt is your new best friend. It'll help mitigate the risk of injury during heavy lifts and help you take your personal best to a new level! A good weightlifting belt can reduce stress on the lower back and help prevent hyperextension during overhead lifts. But how? We brace before a heavy lift by taking a deep breath and holding it in. This cushions and stabilises your spine by creating intra-abdominal pressure to keep your form locked in. This pressure is greater and builds up quicker with a belt. Buying a quality belt like the Get Gripped Lever Weightlifting Belt will allow for maximal comfort, longevity, and durability.


Is a weightlifting belt the missing chink in your workout armor? Improve your heavy lifts with the stylish, durable, and comfortable Get Gripped Lever Weightlifting Belt.  



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