R1 Pre Amino

R1 Pre Amino

Essential Amino Acids & Anytime Energy.
Part amino, part energy!

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R1 Pre Amino: Essential Amino Acids & Anytime Energy

 R1 Pre Amino by Rule 1 Protein is a part amino part energy supplement that can be used in place of your morning or afternoon coffee, before a long session of study, or before an intense workout, to help give you that extra energy boost. R1 Pre Amino will not only help you perform better but will help you recover better too!

What's in R1 Pre Amino:

  • 6g of essential amino acid (EAA)
  • 2.5g BCAA's
  • 120mg energy blend with coffee fruit and green tea extracts
  • CarnoSyn® beta alanine, citrulline, and glutamine
  • No fillers
  • No added sugar

Increase your recovery & mood, while enhancing performance with R1 Pre Amino, try one of the delicious flavours today!

Mix 1 scoop with 180 to 240ml of cold water or your favourite beverage.

Approximately 100mg per one (1) scoop.

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