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Alkalise, detoxify and energise.

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Want to glow from the inside out? Project U Revitalise is a three-phase organic plant-based product specifically designed to help alkalise, detoxify and energise your body!


  • May help to alkalise, detoxify and energise the body
  • May help to maintain pH levels
  • May help improve digestive health
  • Contains USDA certified organic ingredients


In today’s society, we have slowly transitioned to a more acidic diet, combined with increased pollution, which is leading to a condition called acidosis. Among the most common symptoms of acidosis include fatigue, brittle hair and nails, low bone density, heavy breathing, weight gain, digestive issues, arthritis, headaches, and a poor immune system, resulting in frequent infections and allergies. The answer? Project U Revitalise!

Project U Revitalise contains a powerful combination of USDA certified organic ingredients that are designed to not only aid in alkalising the body, but also helps to detoxify the body and improve digestive health. Through helping to remove toxins from the body, this product may improve well being, energy, immune health, vitality, and aid in weight loss. Additionally, Revitalise is also loaded with a blend of superfoods that have been intentionally added to help naturally energise the body and allow it to unlock the energy in food.


What are you waiting for? Enhance your internal health with the ultimate everyday supplement designed to help you look and feel your best, from the inside out!

Mix one (1) scoop with approximately 200ml of water. Drink once daily.

Nutrition & Ingredients

Cacao Mint flavour

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