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Nutra-Life Super Calcium Complete

Get more out of your everyday performance with a cutting-edge formula that puts the health of your bones first. Introducing: Nutralife Super Calcium Complete

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  • High-strength bone health formula
  • May support strong bones and healthy bone density
  • May help maintain adequate calcium and magnesium levels
  • May support nerve and muscle function
  • May support healthy heart function
  • May help prevent osteoporosis*

Did you know that the body reaches its peak bone mass at around the age of 30? Due to this, it's important to build as much bone as possible before this age in order to maintain bone health and density as you mature. After the age of 30, your rate of bone loss starts to exceed the rate at which you can build bone. As such, if your body isn't getting adequate nutrients, it will weaken and reduce the density of your bones. Over a prolonged period, this can result in osteoporosis, whereby your bones become brittle and are slower to heal from injury and more prone to breaking.

Loaded with New Zealand-made StimuCal™, Calcium Citrate and other key nutrients, Nutralife Super Calcium Complete is designed to support bone formation, bone density and calcium absorption. Containing a 2:1 ratio of Calcium and Magnesium, as well as Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Zinc and more, Nutralife's high-strength bone health formula may also help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis when dietary intake is adequate. While Calcium is crucial to building and maintaining strong bones, it simply cannot do it on its own. Adequate levels of Vitamin D and Magnesium are required for the body to effectively and properly absorb Calcium, and Boron, Zinc, Manganese and Vitamin K will provide additional bone health support to ensure you're getting the most out of the formula.

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Nutra-Life Super Calcium Complete