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Are you in search of the ultimate protein blend to help build muscles, improve endurance, and aid in recovery? Look no further, because BSN Syntha-6 has got you covered!

Expires May 2024
Expires May 2024
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  • Can promote lean muscle gain
  • May improve and accelerate recovery
  • Supports weight management
  • Can improve muscular endurance

Syntha-6 by name, super-6 by nature; this supercharged protein formula contains 6 different types of protein to deliver exemplary results. This ''time-release' protein contains different kinds of protein that are all digested at different rates, helping to sustain your blood amino acid levels for longer. So, if you're looking for the best whey protein Australia has to offer, then look no further than BSN Syntha 6 Edge.

With a full spectrum of BCAAs in partnership with fast, medium and slow-digesting proteins, BSN Syntha-6 is packed with fibre, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals alongside digestive enzymes to support protein utilisation and intestinal health. This dynamic blend can be taken before training, after training, between meals, before bed, or whenever you want to boost your protein intake. This formula is designed for everything.


Males - Take 1-2 scoops with 250 - 350ml of water. Drink 1-2 serves daily or as needed to satisfy your protein or muscle enhancing requirements.

Females - Take 1 scoop with 200-300ml of water. Drink 1-2 serves daily to satisfy your protein or body shaping requirements.


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BSN Syntha 6 Vanilla - 45 Serve