100% Pure Fermented Amino Acid.

Available in 158 Serves.

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Looking for the perfect recovery formula to add to your post-workout routine? Look no further than PranaOn L-Glutamine!


  • 158 serves
  • 100% natural fermented vegan amino acid
  • Helps to replenish glutamine stores post-workout
  • Unflavoured and easily dissolved
  • May support muscle recovery
  • May reduce muscle breakdown
  • May support a healthy immune system


PranaOn L-Glutamine is a 100% natural fermented vegan amino acid designed to replenish your body’s glutamine stores post-workout.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in muscles. After an intense workout, glutamine levels are greatly depleted in your body, which, in turn, may decrease your strength, stamina and recovery. As such, replenishing your body’s glutamine stores plays an important role in supporting protein synthesis, minimising muscle breakdown, BCAA metabolism, gut health, immune function, water transportation and more.

PranaOn L-Glutamine’s generous 158 serve, unflavoured and easily dissolved formula can be consumed on its own as a standalone drink or stacked with the PranaOn Workout range. For optimal results, consume after your workout or mix into your post-workout protein shake.


Support your recovery and performance in and out of the gym with PranaOn’s unflavoured and easily dissolved immune-boosting, gut-enhancing and muscle-nourishing formula, L-Glutamine!

Nutrition & Ingredients

Ingredients: 100% Natural Fermented L-Glutamine

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