Platinum Labs Amino Grow

Platinum Labs Amino Grow
High Quality Amino Acid Blend Naturally Increase High Levels Vitamin Profile to Aid Recovery

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Built on the scientifically proven 2:1:1 BCAA ratio of leucine, isoleucine and valine, Platinum Labs Amino Grow doesn’t stop at just BCAA’s but incorporates a full micronutrient complex and modified GABA known as Picamilon, to create the ultimate recovery formula.

By taking maximum advantage of the body’s anabolic window post-training, Amino Grow delivers a full vitamin complex to allow your body to recover and grow to its full potential. Utilizing the body’s absorbency of nutrients during this window is optimal to achieving maximum results from training, allowing your muscles to recover to their fullest potential.

With the addition of Picamilon as a modified form of GABA, human clinical studies have identified a 500% increase in Human Growth Hormone (HGH) when supplementing with Picamilon. Naturally increased levels of HGH carry amazing benefits for training and recovery, including lean muscle gain, fat loss, increased sex drive and a deeper more restful sleep.

Sip on Platinum Labs Amino Grow during or immediately post workout to recover and improve to your body’s fullest potential!

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