Endura N-Acetyl Carnitine

Endura N-Acetyl Carnitine
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Endura™ N-Acetyl Carnitine assists with the conversion of body fat into energy which may assist endurance and stamina. NAC is essential for the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria to be utilized as a fuel for energy production. NAC also assis

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Carnitine, a popular ingredient in pre workout and fat burner products, has well documented benefits in converting fat to energy. By metabolising existing stored fat cells in the mitochondrial, your body is able to not only burn that stubborn layer of fat on the hips, stomach or thighs, but utilize the fat burned as energy to help you power through your grueling workout, burning even more calories, or activating strength you never knew you had!

100% pure and refined Endura N-Acetyl Carnitine contains no fillers, flavours or preservatives, and in N-Acetyl form, Carnitine is able to be absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream for optimal effect

Stack Endura N-Acetyl Carnitine with your favourite pre-training beverage or pre workout product to blast stubborn fat while training!

Adults and children over 5 years: Take 3/4 of a 5.0 mL metric teaspoon (3.0 g) once or twice daily in juice or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Nutrition & Ingredients

Each 3g dose contains: Acetyllevocarnitine hydrochloride (N-Acetyl Carnitine hydrochloride) 2.35 g Inactives: Maltodextrin, calcium hydrogen phosphate, silica-colloidal anhydrous. Contains No: Wheat, dairy, yeast, soy, casein, lactose, sucrose, egg, artificial colouring or preservatives.