Giant Sports

Boasting quality, integrity and transparency, Giant Sports International are fiercely committed to producing the most innovative, best tasting, and safest sports nutrition and dietary supplement products available on the market.

As a company founded on the philosophy that better science produces better results, Giant Sports International prides themselves on the rigorous and extensive research behind their supplements and the professional reviews that go into ensuring absolute quality control across the board. Where excellence and attention to detail are concerned, Giant Sports International has raised the bar. Giant Sports International hit the ground running with the creation of some of the best-tasting proteins to hit the global market and haven’t stopped since. They continue to make a splash in the pre-workout and keto supplement domain and will stop at no lengths to continue improving their dietary ingredient selection, product taste and even their product manufacturing processes.

As true industry leaders, you’re guaranteed uncompromising quality every time you choose Giant Sports International. Their entire product range is produced in cGMP facilities and features 100% transparent labelling, NSF certified, no proprietary blends and a growing number of dietary specific formulas that are lactose-free and gluten-free.