Lean Essentials Pack

Lean Essentials Pack
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  • Evolve Lipo Whey (1.25kg)
  • BSc Hydroxyburn Shred (60 Serves)

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Lean Essentials Pack
Lean Essentials Pack

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    Evolve Lipo Whey

    Losing weight isn’t easy. Juggling a busy lifestyle with work and personal commitments can make regular training and strict nutrition an overwhelming challenge, which is why Evolve created Lipo-Whey.

    With 32g of high-quality Whey Protein Isolate, Concentrate and Caseinate as a combination of fast, moderate and slow digesting proteins, work together to aid in your recovery over time, while keeping you feeling fuller for longer to help rule out binge snacking and cravings.

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    BSc Hydroxyburn Shred

    Increase metabolism, burn calories and blast stubborn fat cells with BSC Hydroxyburn Shred.

    With BSC’s Hydroxyburn Shred Neuro-Thermogenic fat burner, you’ll be in the fat burning zone, both physically and mentally, with a potent combination of thermogenic fat burners and nootropic ingredients, to get the most out of your training results, while combatting the mental side-effects of long-term calorie deficit from dieting.

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