Koala Freak

Koala Freak

"More of everything" pre-workout formula.

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When it comes to a hard-hitting pre-workout, there are fewer things more important than a clean energy source, laser-sharp focus, and lasting muscle pumps. Enter: Staunch Koala Freak!


  • Jitter-free clean energy
  • May improve muscle pump
  • May enhance mental focus
  • May help to buffer lactic acid build-up
  • May enhance fat burning
  • May enhance recovery rates


Engineered to take your workout experience to the next level, Koala Freak’s undeniably delicious flavour profile is met by a science-backed blend of ingredients designed to maximise your muscle pump, heighten mental focus, and deliver jitter-free energy.

So, what can you expect from this killer formula? Enhanced mental concentration and laser-sharp focus to help you get in the zone for a fierce workout. Improved buffering of lactic acid build-up in the body to allow you to train harder and for longer. Enhanced recovery rates post-workout to help you bounce back quicker and stronger, with a more frequent training regime in place. The benefits don’t stop there. Staunch Koala Freak is also designed to help accelerate fat burning, improve natural strength development and provide you with a jittery-free source of energy that you won’t crash from hours after consuming.

With ingredients such as Niacin, Citrulline Malate, CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine, Caffeine and more, what more could you want from a quality pre-workout formula?


Are you looking for the right pre-workout to help you turn up the heat in the gym? Boasting enhanced muscle pumps, unmatched mental focus and jitter-free energy, Staunch Koala Freak is your go-to solution for a quality pre-workout unwavering in results and flavour.

Mix 1 scoop with 235 to 355ml of water 15 - 30 minutes before exercise.

Nutrition & Ingredients

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