Keto MCT Twin Bundle

Keto MCT Twin Bundle

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Giant Sports Keto Coffee

Enjoy the best that Giant Sports International has to offer with the launch of their mouth-watering and highly-innovative formula perfect for coffee-lovers who follow a paleo or ketogenic diet. Introducing, Keto Coffee!

Imagine the delicious flavour, texture and benefits of coffee without the sugar? Look no further than Keto Coffee. Boasting all day energy and a strong metabolic boost, Keto Coffee is the perfect solution for staying in ketosis, while enjoying the full benefits and deliciousness of a coffee-flavoured and MCT-rich formula. This undeniably tasty and premium coffee beverage is jam-packed with 6g of MCT, free of all sugar and gluten, eco-friendly, and non-GMO. Produced exclusively with the finest Brazilian gourmet coffee beans and supreme-quality MCT’s, Keto Coffee contains no artificial ingredients, flavours, sweeteners, or colours and is sourced entirely from fair trade, conflict-free zones. What’s not to love?!

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Giant Sports Keto Cocoa

Enjoy the deliciousness of a hot chocolate tasting drink, with all the goodness of a health drink thanks to Giant Sports International’s cutting-edge new product that makes every sip feel like a cheat meal. Introducing, Keto Cocoa - The keto, paleo and lacto-vegetarian friendly formula!

When it comes to maintaining a healthy diet, chocolate is kryptonite to many of us. The sweetness, rich flavour and undeniably creamy texture are almost enough for us to entirely forget our health goals. However, with the creation of Giant Sports International’s latest mouth-watering formula, you can now enjoy a seemingly naughty treat, without sacrificing your nutrition. Containing no artificial ingredients, flavours, sweeteners, or colours and boasting an elixir of ingredients sourced solely from 100% non-GMO sources, Keto Cocoa is a gluten-free hot chocolate inspired drink that is ketogenic, diet friendly and undeniably tasty. Ideal for those following a ketogenic diet, Keto Cocoa will allow you to satisfy your sweet tooth without all the nasties associated with a traditional hot chocolate. Not to mention, the cutting-edge formula contains 6g of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) per serving, to give you the steady, long-lasting and sustainable energy we often lack while on a carb-free diet. With the added benefit of being able to effectively burn fat and reduce body weight through the science behind ketosis.

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