Keto Perform (BHB)

Keto Perform (BHB)
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Pre-exertion performance optimiser.

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Add a stroke of excellence to your pre-workout supplement regime with the help of Keto Industries highly-advanced formula - Keto Perform!

Just as the name suggests, Keto Perform is designed to ramp up your performance through enhancing cognitive function, boosting energy levels and reducing fatigue, by ensuring the optimisation of carbohydrate retention. Containing the game-changing patented product, goBHB ketone salts, in combination with an elixir of amino acids and performance enhancers, Keto Industries Keto Perform will help you smash through a killer training session, harder and for longer.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Increases cognition - Keto Perform contains goBHB, which is a patented blend of ketone salts that deliver immediately useable fuel for the mind and body, regardless of whether or not there is glucose. It’s widely recognised for its ability to improve cognitive function, suppress your appetite, and may even enhance your performance as a result of a reduction in glycogen depletion. Keto Perform also uses two forms of Caffeine (Anhydrous & Di-Caffeine Malate) as an ergogenic aid to help encourage a steady release of clean energy to best assist with increasing strength, power and cognition. 
  • Boosts energy - Core ingredient, goMCT is known for its ability to convert into ketones upon the point of consumption and is widely-endorsed for supplying steady, sustainable and long-lasting energy to the brain and muscles. 
  • Reduces fatigue - YL-Carnitine-L-Tartrate may sound like a mouthful, but its benefits are really quite simple - It is shown to decrease the perceived amount of pain felt during exercise and reduce the severity of delayed onset muscle soreness, which assists with improving levels of fatigue and muscle recovery.

Gone are the days where ketosis is linked to a reduction in energy and performance. With cutting-edge exogenous ketone technology, you can now enjoy the full benefits of ketones, without all the dietary restrictions required. And Keto Industries Keto Perform is certainly leading the way!

Mix 1 serving in 400 - 600ml of cold water until dissolved. For optimal performance or to enhance mental focus we suggest consuming 30 - 60 minutes prior to any strenuous exercise or demanding physical activity.

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