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Is Stress Impacting Your Weight Loss?

Is Stress Impacting Your Weight Loss?

We’ve all experienced stress in one form or another, right? Whether it’s a tight deadline for an assignment, financial troubles, relationship woes, or a life-threatening encounter, stress can arise in many different shapes and sizes. Keen to find out 5 stress management strategies to add to your routine to help improve fat loss? Keep reading! 

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Ignite your Fat Loss with Grains of Paradise

Ignite your fat loss with Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise…

It’s a name that could almost pass for an exotic holiday location… but in actual fact, it’s WAY more exciting than that…

Especially if you’re in the midst of a fat loss rut or if you’re simply wanting to burn off some unwanted flub before summer hits… Grains of Paradise may be the missing link you need to give your fat loss efforts a gentle prod in the right direction.

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6 Stress Management Strategies To Improve Your Fat Loss

Stress can help us achieve many positive things – whether it be finishing a project at work before its deadline, studying for that exam or giving us the strength to lift the weights we thought we weren't capable of lifting!

Implemented at the right time, stress will help the body to achieve many great things. However, some of us just cant seem to find the "off button" for stress and if left unmanaged, stress can amplify and spread throughout your entire body.

This can have an incredibly detrimental impact to both your physical and mental health.

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Weight Loss & Cortisol


By: Dr. Sybille Buchwald-Werner

Did you follow a strict diet plan and did you carry out lots of physical exercise but unfortunately you didn't see any results for weight loss?

You are sad and disappointed but you are not alone with this feeling. Because, besides diet and physical activity, biological factors influence your metabolism and body weight. One of these important biological factors is the endogenic substance called Cortisol, which is known as a stress hormone that, when increased, may trigger weight gain.

Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is secreted by the adrenal glands. It can regulate blood pressure, help control blood sugar and lipid levels, and it’s important for energy homeostasis and metabolism. Your body releases Cortisol when you are under stress. Continuously high Cortisol levels as a response to stress, like long working hours, intense training or family issues, has a negative impact on health.

The body’s negative responses to stress are high blood pressure, sleep disorders, anxiety, and a metabolism in favour of glucose delivery. Glucose supplies quick energy, which is necessary if you need to run away in a life threatening situation. This is what our body learned to do evolutionally. However, if glucose is high, insulin is secreted and consequently, we are start craving more glucose, like carbohydrates or sweets. On top of this, Cortisol blocks fat metabolism, which means limited fat burning. In the end, under stress, weight gain is programmed.

Losing weight can be extremely difficult if our Cortisol levels are high and that may be the reason why we don’t reach our weight loss goals, even though we are trying hard. So first, we have to find a way to help reduce our Cortisol levels and deal with stress in order to be ready for a successful diet.

Try HydroxyBurn® with Bluenesse®. Bluenesse® may help reduce Cortisol levels and therefore help reduce the negative impacts of stress on your body.

Bluenesse® - an innovative, exclusive Melissa officinalis (L.) - supports your cognitive health and helps improve your ability to cope with stress. Bluenesse® delivers high, consistent and defined quality. It is scientifically researched and IP protected. Find clinical levels of Bluenesse® in Body Science HydroxyBurn® Clinical.

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