Weights vs Cardio: Which is Best for Fat Loss?

The topic of weights vs cardio has been an age-old debate, with the common misconception that lifting weights will make you big and bulky and excessive cardio will cause you to lose both fat and muscle. Yet, neither of these points are 100% true and there’s a simple reason for it. Keen to find out more about weights and cardio, and which is better for fat loss? Let’s break it down!

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3 Ways to Maintain Your Progress in Winter

If you’re guilty of losing motivation and willpower during the winter months, guess what? You’re certainly not alone. With each day getting a little colder than the next, and often a tad more miserable too, most of us are hesitant to trade in the comfort and warmth of our homes for the treadmill or the weight rack. Keen to find out what 3 tips you can incorporate into your routine to keep you on track this winter? Keep reading!

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Talking Health with Hattie

From winning the title of WBFF 2016 World Champion and founding the popular online fitness and coaching program, Sports Model Project, there’s not much Hattie Boydle hasn’t achieved over the duration of her ever-growing career. We got the chance to sit down with Hattie to talk all things health, fitness, mindset and Gut Performance. Read more to find out how Hattie keeps on top of her health and fitness!

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