Thermonuke Pink Ops- Why is this thermogenic so special?


Now that the veil has been lifted and everyone is now up to date with the latest development in women's supplementation regarding the Thermonuke Pink Ops product with the accompanying TN NATION which includes FREE Shred Files and an online community, I am sure the biggest questions now are "So, what exactly is Thermonuke Pink Ops and why is it such a hugely successful and effective product?" So, I would like to take the opportunity to help explain exactly what sets Thermonuke Pink Ops apart from the competition.

To start with, Thermonuke Pink Ops is a very advanced and innovative formula that works in multiple ways to increase your metabolism, activate thermogenesis, control and rid the body of excess estrogen, detox the body and eradicate excess fluid retention.

This is a nuclear type attack on stubborn areas and dramatically increases your body tone, well-being, mood and performance. It does this by utilizing all of the best clinical ingredients such as DIM & Calcium D Glutarate which work as the perfect tag team to reduce estrogen whilst detoxing the body and decreasing both water and fat retention in the body. This combo is also exceptionally healthy in regards to working as a strong antioxidant and cleansing the body which ultimately leads to increased health.

Uva Ursi and Dandelion are the next combo found within Pink Ops and they work as potent diuretics which focus on eradicating excess fluid and increasing lean muscle tone.
Raspberry Ketones are also found in this impressive formula as they work synergistic-ally in increasing thermogenesis, fat metabolisation and as an antioxidant.

This cutting edge team of clinically dosed ingredients are backed up with the latest great focus and energy nutrients to ensure that you also feel an increase in energy and mood so you can perform at your peak in the gym, sporting field or simply in the workplace

You can see why THERMONUKE PINK OPS is not just our regular thermogenic with a pink label- it's a advanced formula tailored for our ladies!


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