Everything you need to know about The ASN Life Summer Challenge

Feeling a little flat and unmotivated? Struggling to see the results you feel you’ve worked hard for? Not sure what you should be eating or how you should be training for your specific goals? We totally get it, working towards your goals is hard, and knowing how to get there is often harder.  

If you’re ready to wipe the slate clean for 2020 and hit the ground running to start the New Year fresh, we’ve got the perfect personalised solution for YOU. Introducing: ASN Life...the 24/7 program that evolves with you! 

What is ASN Life?

The ASN Life platform allows you to train and eat your way, on your terms, with the help of a personalised program tailored to your unique requirements and goals. The ASN Life platform is a monthly subscription service with no start or end date, it allows you to reach your goals on your own timeline, with customised plans unique to you and your goals. 


 If keeping yourself accountable and staying on track is your shortfall, we’re running a 10-week ASN Life Summer Challenge through our platform (kickstarting on January 11) to help kickstart your journey with the help of extra support, a motivated community, some healthy competition, and of course, prizes! 


Are you up for that Challenge? Here’s everything you need to know before signing up for our ASN Life platform and joining us for the Challenge:

1. How do I sign up?

New ASN Lifers:

To join our ASN Life Summer Challenge, you simply need to be a member of the ASN Life platform. To sign up to our platform, simply click here and follow the normal prompts to become a member. Once signed up, click on the 'challenge' tab inside the Dashboard and you'll see an option to register your details for our Challenge. There’s no extra costs to be a Challenger once you’ve signed up for the ASN Life platform! 


Existing ASN Lifers: 

If you’re already an ASN Life member, you’ll have unlimited access to the platform and will have the option to register your details via the 'challenge' tab in the Dashboard, so you can be in the running to win the prizes and make the most of the additional benefits offered to Challengers.

It is completely optional to sign up for the ASN Life Summer Challenge - you can either continue on your journey at your own pace or register for our Summer Challenge to enjoy a bit of fun and healthy competition, with a start and an end date. 

2. Once I’ve signed up, can I access the Challenge?

Once you join the ASN Life platform, you’ll have full access to your meal plan, workout program, and our support team, which means you’ll have all of the resources you’ll receive as part of the Challenge. However, you technically won’t be able to start the Challenge until the start date (January 11, 2021). To ensure an even playing field and that everyone gets a fair chance, we won’t open ‘before’ photo submissions until one week before Challenge starts.

3. When does the ASN Life Summer Challenge start? 

The 10-week ASN Life Summer Challenge starts on January 11th, 2021 and ends on March 21st, 2021. Whether you’re new to the world of fitness or an existing ASN Life member, this Challenge is the perfect way to hold yourself accountable, work towards your goals with a supportive community, and create some seriously awesome new habits to continue on with your health and fitness journey long after the Challenge ends. 

4. Will I receive anything extra when I sign up for the ASN Life Summer Challenge?

If you know us well, you’ll already know that we don’t like to do anything in halves...which means OF COURSE we’ll be giving you valuable new content to make your journey all the more fun and exciting. Whether you’re an existing ASN Life member or brand new to the platform, everyone will be able to enjoy extra content.  In addition to our already huge library of recipes, workouts and more, you’ll also receive the following:

  • Your first 2 weeks for free (for new members) 
  • 80+ new recipes
  • Weekly educational emails and support (exclusive to Challengers)
  • Weekly prizes and giveaways
  • Exclusive supplement discounts
  • Access to an exclusive male and female Challenge Trainer
  • Expert mentors 
  • An exclusive in-app live chat feature 
  • Your chance to win over $12,000 worth of prizes (exclusive to Challengers) 
  • + MORE!!

5. When can I sign up for the ASN Life Summer Challenge?

You’ll have access to register your interest for the Challenge anytime from December 10, 2020 to January 17th, 2021 11:59pm (we’ve allowed an extra week for late-comers who don’t want to miss out). After the cut off date, you’ll have the option to still join our ASN Life platform, but won’t be eligible to join the Challenge or be in the running for the prizes. 

6. Does it cost extra to sign up for the ASN Life Summer Challenge?

Nope, we’ve made it affordable and accessible for everyone. All you’ll need to do is pay our standard ASN Life platform fees of $8 per week (charged monthly at $32), and you’re eligible to join the Challenge. No one-off hidden fees! 

7. How will you decide on a winner?

For the ASN Life Summer Challenge, we will select male and female winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winnings. Picking winners will be based on various factors, including before and after photos, lifestyle changes, and forum activity and participation. 

8. What are the prizes?

  • First Prize Male and Female: Technogym MyRun Treadmill worth $5,500 

  • Second Prize Male and Female: $500 worth of Evolve Supplements & Evolve/ASN Merch 

  • Third Prize Male & Female: $250 worth of Evolve Supplements & Evolve/ASN Merch

9. Will everyone see my before/after photos?

Absolutely not! We value your privacy and feel extremely grateful that you’ve put your trust in us to keep your private details, well, private. Your journey is YOUR journey, which means it’s completely up to you to decide what information you’d like to share or keep to yourself. While our Marketing Team may personally reach out to you to seek your permission to use your images, please know that you have the option to say no and we won’t use any images without first getting your approval. 

10. How is this Challenge different to the normal ASN Life program?

Unlike our previous Challenges, there’s no upfront sign-up fee. To join the challenge, all you need to do is be an active member of our ASN Life platform and select the option to register as a Challenger. For new ASN Life members, you’ll even get your first 2 weeks free. Plus, you’ll receive all the extra content and resources mentioned above! (please refer to question 4 for more details). 

11. Can I join if I live overseas?

While you’re absolutely welcome to join our ASN Life platform and Summer Challenge from anywhere in the world, unfortunately, you will not be eligible to win the prizes if you live outside of Australia. 

12. Can I still join if I’m pregnant?

Fitness is a great way to look after your body and your growing bub while pregnant, however, it’s important to first get approval from your healthcare professional prior to joining any fitness challenge, including our ASN Life Summer Challenge. 


If your healthcare professional deems it suitable for you to join, be sure to listen to your body and where your limitations are. If any exercises or recipes don’t suit your lifestyle, we do offer the option to swap meals and exercises until you find one that is safe and healthy for you. If the ASN Life Summer Challenge feels too intense for you, you’re more than welcome to join our ASN Life platform and work at your own pace (with your Doctor’s approval, of course!).

13. Can I do the ASN Life Summer Challenge without uploading before/after photos?

As your before/after photos play an important role in determining our Challenge winners, unfortunately, this is a mandatory field when signing up for the ASN Life Summer Challenge.

If you’re looking for a great way to stay motivated and on track but don’t want to upload photos, you’re more than welcome to simply sign up for our ASN Life platform and use our incredible ASN Life community forum as a means to keep you accountable. 

14. What are the weekly prizes and how do they work?

Our weekly prizes will be communicated in our ASN Life Facebook Community Forum, with different criteria and prizes announced weekly. Join here to be involved! 

15. In previous ASN Challenges, I bought a Challenge Pack of supplements. Is there anything like this available this time?

Leaner Pack

  • Evolve Carnitine RX
  • Evolve Pyro
  • Evolve Shaker

Cost: $99.00 
Save: $30.85

Note: this deal is available in-store and online. 


Stronger Pack 

  • Evolve WPI (1.25kg)
  • Evolve Damage Control (30 serve)
  • Evolve Shaker

Cost: $104.00
Save: $30.85

Note: this deal is available in-store and online. 


Track Me Pack

3x InBody Scans

Cost: $30
Save $120

Note: this deal is exclusively available in-store. To find your closest ASN store, please click here.


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