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Pre-Workout, Thermogenics and Fat-Burners... What's the Difference & What Should I Use?

Have you ever found yourself chatting about supplementation with one of the big units at your gym in between sets?

More often than not, they’ll rave about supplements that boost gym performance, enhance recovery, amplify fat loss and give you insane spikes of energy to smash through a killer workout, which you’re then told you absolutely must try out sometime. However, understandably you’re hesitant and reluctant to follow the advice of said gym bro and his army of leg day avoiding bros. Like most people, you naturally want to do your own research prior to diving head first into pre-workout supplementation.

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WTF is WTF? - Pre Workout Product Review

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I tried WTF?, ASN's brand new signature pre workout product twice before writing this

Why did I try it twice, you ask?

This ultimately came down to one key, important factor, which if you only take one thing away from reading this article, let it be this:

I ignored the tried and true "assess your tolerance with half a scoop" warning. (Hey, you've done it too!)

Spoiler Alert: This stuff is STRONG
Without any further a-do, here's my experience:

Workout 1:

1 Full Scoop of WTF, 30 minutes prior to training.
Warmup: 10 Minute Incline Walk/Jog

Superset 1: (5 Sets)
Barbel Back Squats - 10 Reps
Wide Grip Pull Ups - 10 Reps

Superset 2: (5 Sets)
Weighted Push Ups - 10 reps
Box Jumps - 10 Reps

How It Went Down

I was really excited to try WTF? for this workout, as I'd been working on building strength in the squat department for a number of months, and this week my trainer decided to mix things up by going for higher reps to throw a curve ball into the equation. I'd been doing 3-5 rep sets almost exclusively for a while, so I figured WTF? would be the perfect push to help me through the extra volume.

Following my jog, I was feeling UNSTOPPABLE.

I knew it had kicked when the signature Beta Alanine tingles started surging through my arms, and having tried Thermonuke in the past, I was familiar with the euphoria attributed to Ampiberry, plus I figured this stuff must have a decent dose of caffeine in it. Other than that however, the rest of the proprietary blend remained an elusive mystery.

I blasted through the squats and pull ups with ease, and found the 90 second rest window to feel eternal as I was rearing to blast out the next set ASAP. While I was drenched (and I mean drenched, my trainer pointed out that there wasn't a dry spot left on my shirt), I by no means felt fatigued, and if anything, I felt invigorated. 

Going into Superset #2, there was no sign of slowing down.

I found the 20kg push ups a little too easy and was finding it difficult to hold tempo, with the temptation to race through all too strong The box jumps were easier than ever, even after the 50 squats which would have usually turned my legs into jelly, and the gym was a distant blur in the background as I was lazer focused in on each jump.

5 sets later, out of nowhere, I collapsed. 

My trainer was shocked at how hard and fast I was able to push myself, despite the physical symptoms of fatigue I was displaying (I was a human puddle of sweat at this stage).

WTF? completely removed fatigue from the equation, and allowed me to blindly push through this barrier to perform one of the most intense workouts of my life. 

Sounds too good to be true, right?

I figured if I tried half a dose (which, in hindsight, would have made a fantastic starting point), I'd be able to get the strong energy kick I was looking for, while still being able to listen to when my body has had enough...

So for Round #2, I threw half a scoop into my shaker, to get the best of both worlds.

Workout 2:

1/2 Scoop WTF? 30 Minutes Prior To Training
Warm Up: 20 Minutes Incline Walk

Circuit: (5 Sets)
Sled Push & Pull
Push Ups - 15 Reps
Box Jumps - 10 Reps

Superset: (5 Sets)
Weighted Dips - 5 Reps
Weighted Chin Ups - 5 Reps

Final Exercise:
20m Bulgarian Bag Walking Lunges (5 Sets)

This workout was perfect.

1/2 a scoop of WTF? was by no means underwhelming in any department, but was clear, focused and concise. A circuit like this would have usually left me drained and gasping for breath, but I tackled each set with ease, keeping a strong focus on breathing and performing each rep with explosive power.

I was originally planning on regular Dips and Chins, as weighted ones would usually have been the last thing on my mind after a circuit like that, but I felt so on-top-of-the-damn-world I thought I might as well whip out the belt and give it a shot.

Honestly, I probably could have added even more weight or kept going for more sets, but I didn't want to over do things like last time, and ended the exercise well short of failure.

Jumping into the Walking Lunges, I could barely even feel the Bulgarian Bag weighing me down.

I could feel the tension in my quads coming up after each rep, sure, (especially since it had only been 2 days since the previous workout), but it wasn't slowing me down by any means. 5 sets came easily, and I honestly could have gone for 8+ if I hadn't run out of time.

Key Takings:

WTF? is the perfect gym-junkie stimulant cocktail to ensure you give each session your all.

While I was cranked up to 11 with energy on both 1/2 and a full scoop, I by no means felt jittery or uncomfortable, as I often do with high doses of caffeine or strong thermogenics, I was in the zone. 

This can be attributed to the balanced and unique combination of stimulants present in WTF's signature proprietary blend. At a best guess, I'd say there's a decent hit of caffeine in there, as well as a moderate dose of beta alanine, to give you a little bit of tingles so that you know it's working, but nothing uncomfortable or distracting.

I'll be keeping WTF? in my supplement cabinet for those gruelling Monday morning workouts or for when I want to blast through a PB.

This product is NOT for beginners, but is the perfect step up for those who want a kick which will have them climbing mountains and leaving the gym a smouldering pile of rubble after each workout. 

You can check out AlphaBreed WTF for yourself here.

By Jayden Brennan

6 Pre-Workouts To Unleash Pure Destruction


There are two kinds of people in the gym.

The first kind, might like to enjoy a mild kick to perk them up before hitting the weights. Maybe a cup of coffee and a banana, or a light, healthy, nutrient dense breakfast, consumed 90 minutes before their workout to provide a slow release of natural, sustained energy.

Then there's the second kind of person.

This person likes to attack the gym with more energy than the Energiser Bunny and Duracell Battery combined.

This person wants to feel like a demi-god in the squat rack, supersetting gruelling set after set with hauling lightening bolts at Zeus himself.

This person laughs in the face of "do-not-exceed-1-scoop-in-24-hours" warning labels and drinks a 500ml Red Bull as a night-cap.

Well, if you're the second kind of person, we've got a special treat for you...

Here are ASN's Top 6 Pre Workouts which will help you turn your workouts up to 11, and leave the rest of the gym quivering in fear at the sheer sight of your training ferocity.

(No claims made above are supported by science)


1. Ambush: 2nd Strike - $69.95


This isn't a pre-workout. This is pre warfare.

If you want a supplement that makes a double long macchiato look like infants formula, then strap yourself in for what Ambush: 2nd Strike delivers.

Just by looking at the tub, you know that Recon means business with their latest and greatest pre-workout supplement. I mean, it's available in Jungle Juice flavour for crying out loud, and we all know that nothing goes harder than a night on the Jungle Juice.

Packed with complete doses of all the usual culprits Creatine Monohydrate, Caffeine, Beta Alanine and Agmatine, Ambush gets cranked up with Ampiberry and Oxomine, two trademarked and unique ingredients, capable of declaring war on stored fat cells and releasing an unrelenting force of energy which will allow you to devastate any muscle group which is unlucky enough to be on today's agenda.

This stuff is the bomb.

Learn more about Ambush: 2nd strike here.


2. Blackstone Labs Angel Dust V2 - $59.55


As if the original Angel Dust wasn't good enough already, Blackstone Labs upped the ante on the second instalment of their best-selling pre workout powder to deliver a truly insane workout experience to anyone who is game enough to try...

Endurance, Strength, Energy and Pump will be in abundance with each delicious scoop. Guarenteed.

I mean, this stuff isn't "flavoured", it's "cut with" your favourite sweet twist, and as far as we're aware, there aren't many things more hardcore than a mind-boggling pre workout powder which is "cut" with cotton candy...

WARNING: Not for the faint of hearted.

Learn more about Angel Dust V2 here.


3. LeCheek: Crank! Prototype II - $69.95


Ok let's start with the obvious here. It's got "prototype" in the name, so you know that this ain't for wusses...

We've brought this stuff straight over from the United States, to put a stop to the whole "I take three scoops and feel nothing!" conundrum we hear so much about.

Seriously, this will have you bouncing off the walls harder than a 6 year old who just found out where Mum keeps the Cottee's Red Cordial. 

Not only is it a stimulant powerhouse, but it's full dosed with all the ingredients you need for a killer workout. 

Learn more about Crank! Prototype II here.


4. GAT Nitraflex - $59.95


Testosterone? Check.

Energy? Check.

Insane Pumps, Strength and Power? Check.

Quite possibly the most scientifically backed product in our list, Nitraflex isn't messing around.

Each 10g scoop of Nitraflex not only contains a whopping 325mg of caffeine (Just a casual 4 cups of coffee), it's packed to the brim with scientifically proven testosterone boosting and energising ingredients to have your body performing at maximum anabolic capacity.

Learn more about Nitraflex here.


5. AlphaBreed WTF - $59.95


WTF? is the perfect gym-junkie stimulant cocktail to ensure you give each session your all. 

Most of the time high doses of caffeine or strong per-workouts can make you feel jittery or uncomfortable, but not with this bad boy. This pre-workout will get you in the zone, and keep you there!

This can be attributed to the balanced and unique combination of stimulants present in WTF’s signature proprietary blend.

This product is NOT for beginners, but is the perfect step up for those who want a kick which will have them climbing mountains and leaving the gym a smouldering pile of rubble after each workout. 

Learn more about WTF here.


6. Cellucor C4 - $44.95


"C4" is a household name when it comes to pre-workouts, and there's a damn good reason why.

Currently sporting its 4th generation, C4 has been refined with precision, research and years of industry experience to deliver one of the best all-round pre workouts on the market today.

Powered by C4's Explosive Energy Blend featuring Tyrosine, Velvet Bean, Caffeine and unique ingredient "TeaCor", Cellucor's flagship pre-workout has been designed to deliver the fastest onset of clean energy on the market, without that nasty post-workout crash.

Learn more about C4 here.