What Is a Keto Diet? Ketosis Diet Explained

The ketogenic (keto) diet seems to be the “in thing” at the moment.

Every man, woman, and their 'curl-in-the-squat-rack booty band' wearing friends seem to be talking about it.

Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Lebron James have been experimenting with it.

Like every new buzzword or dieting style that does the rounds in the fitness industry, it is important to fundamentally understand the trend before you attempt to implement it.

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Optimise Your Health With Kombucha

optimise your health with kombucha

We all love seeing our hard work pay off. From training hard and eating clean to building a body we feel confident in, most of us embark on a fitness journey to optimise our health for the long term. Whether your goal is to improve performance, drop body fat, jump higher, sprint faster or simply improve your quality of life, supplementing for optimal health and improved digestion will help dramatically.

It has only been in the last few years that we have really started to fully understand the importance of gut health and the role it plays in determining how effectively our bodies absorb nutrients and how bacteria affect our overall health.

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Should You Eat OR Drink Your Greens?

should you eat or drink your greens?

Recent advances in science and new research into optimal diet and supplementation has been phenomenal. Unfortunately, the trend of health and fitness often focuses on fitness, body sculpting, and other aesthetic aspects, and less on internal health and longevity in our fitness journey.

Consequently, some of the most basic nutritional guidelines often get overlooked when attempting to make progress in the weights room. Ironically, this mentality often works against us; preventing us from achieving our goals and unlocking our true potential.

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Are your Hormones affecting your progress?

Are your hormones affecting your progress?

Have you ever started your fitness loss journey, gained amazing results, but then hit a plateau? 

Or perhaps you’ve started, executing all the right things, altered your calories, exercising consistently; but no difference! You’re not sure what it is, but somehow you can’t progress how you want!

My question for you is, how much do you know about your hormones? What they do and the role they play in your metabolism, your ability to lose fat and build muscle?

There is a very large list of hormones in your body and this would be a very long blog if I were to touch on majority of the more commonly known hormones.

So today, I want to put focus on 3 key hormones; Cortisol, Human Growth Hormone and your Thyroid Hormones – all of which have a role for both women and men, contributing to your fitness journeys progress.

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