Ignite Your Fat Burning With Thermonuke Pink Ops


You're walking back to the car after your morning gym sesh...


Summer is just weeks away, you've been smashing the same routine day in day out, and things are getting a bit... well...


Fortunately, this is totally normal. The human body is a thing of brilliance, and one thing it does well is adapt. 

Unfortunately however, summer approaches, and no matter how often you train, your results are lacklustre, and giving it 110% just seems like a lot of work.

Well, it's time to say hello to Thermonuke Pink Ops.


thermonuke pink ops


"What's Thermonuke Pink Ops?", you say?

Pink Ops is one of Australia's most popular preworkout thermogenic products, and it has earned its popularity for a reason!

This powerful supplement contains a suite of natural ingredients to not only put you mentally in the zone for your next training sesh, but amps up your body's metabolism and natural thermogenic function to incinerate stubborn fat stores, and provide a powerful rush of energy to fuel and motivate you to smash out one last rep on every damn set.

Here's our Top 3 Favourite reasons for throwing Thermonuke Pink Ops into the mix!

Dieting Sucks

There's nothing worse than being weeks into a calorie deficit. Cutting is both mentally and physically gruelling, and the side effects of reducing your calorie intake to less than what your body requires, in order to burn fat and bring out that chiseled, greek god resting under that winter layer, is a lack of energy.

This is where Thermonuke Pink Ops shines. A unique combination of mood improving ingredients, natural stimulants and B Vitamins allows Thermonuke to pack a whopping energy punch that will make you forget about how hungry you are, and will keep you in the gym pumping out set after set until close!

Thermogenics such as Thermonuke are often the "go-to" for many dieters for a reason, providing a high dose of caffeine, natural stimulants to combat lethargy and allow you to diet with ease!



Morning Workouts Are A Breeze

If you've been dieting for a while, training is the last thing on your mind at 6am (Snooze, snooze, followed by some more snooze).

However, putting off your workout until the end of the day is a recipe for disaster, as if you're on a calorie restricted diet, there's a good chance you're going to be gassed, and skipping leg day becomes oh so tempting, yet again.

Your body is a fat burning machine first thing in the morning (especially training in a fasted state), and kick-starting your day with a workout is the perfect way to enforce positive exercise habits, while getting your juices flowing, and putting you in an energised, alert state for the rest of the day! (And let's not forget how sweet that all-day pump is...)

Keep your Thermonuke on your bedside table, and slam it as soon as your alarm goes off in the morning. Good luck with the snoozing! ?


Burn Fat, Build Muscle

Ah, the holy grail of training, and the perfect combination, burn fat and build lean muscle mass.

Thermogenics are the perfect catalyst to promote these results, as through increasing your body's natural thermogenesis, they allow you to burn more calories, even in a rested state. 

This means that while keeping up the intensity during your weights training routine, you'll be able to burn significantly more fat in the process, without the need for excessive, gruelling cardio after an already-brutal weights session.

Don't worry cardio bunnies, we haven't forgotten about you! Thermogenics such as Thermonuke will make your cardio workouts even more efficient and effective, allowing you to burn more calories in less time, increasing your endurance in the gym and results on the scale!

So what are you waiting for? If you're ready to dial your workout up a notch, break out of your comfort zone and build some serious muscle while burning away stubborn fat with ease, don't delay and pick up a tub of Thermonuke Pink Ops today!





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