Healthy Protein Pancake Cereal

Thought pancakes couldn't get any more delicious? Well, think again. Say hello to the newest (and smallest) player on the breakfast scene: Pancake Cereal. 
Wondering what pancake cereal is?  Put simply, they're little pieces of heaven – fluffy, miniature-sized pancakes served in a bowl just as you would serve regular cereal... only BETTER! They are super fun to make (and eat) and enjoyable for the whole family. Plus, did we mention they're far healthier than regular pancakes, too? 



  1. Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat
  2. Pour pancake batter into a squeezable condiment/sauce bottle (you can also use a ziplock bag: cut a tiny hole on an angle in the bottom corner of the bag to pipe out the batter).  personally used a small measuring spoon!
  3. Squeeze small dots of batter onto greased pan. The aim is to make them as small as possible. 
  4. Flip over when the tops form bubbles. Cook until golden. Lightly grease your pan between each batch if needed.
  5. Enjoy with your favourite toppings! 


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