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Know Your Gut: A Beginner’s Guide to Gut Health

From the toxins we’re constantly exposed to, the varying levels of stress in our lives, our poor food choices, the hormones in our food, and the medications we consume over a lifetime, there are many factors that contribute to a compromised gut. Keen to know how your gut works, why it's so important, and what you can do to help it thrive? Keep reading! 

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Talking Health with Hattie

From winning the title of WBFF 2016 World Champion and founding the popular online fitness and coaching program, Sports Model Project, there’s not much Hattie Boydle hasn’t achieved over the duration of her ever-growing career. We got the chance to sit down with Hattie to talk all things health, fitness, mindset and Gut Performance. Read more to find out how Hattie keeps on top of her health and fitness!

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Is Your Lifestyle Weakening Your Immune System?

The average modern day diet and lifestyle don’t contain adequate nutrients and are ravaged by far greater stress levels than what our bodies can naturally handle, which in turn, weakens our immune system and puts us at a higher risk of illness. So, what’s the specific problem with our diet and lifestyle and what can we do to fix it? Read more to find out! 

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What's The Deal With Greens

What's the deal with greens?

You’ve heard the old saying “a healthy outside starts on the inside”, right? If so, it should come as no surprise that the way we function, look and feel on the outside is entirely dependent on how we function, look and feel on the inside.

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Clean Eating 101 - The Complete Guide

Clean Eating 101

There are an incredible amount of benefits to eating clean. A major benefit is your diet will be higher in micronutrients and lower in trans-fats, artificial sweeteners and preservatives alike.

While it is great to try and avoid preservatives, the problem is, many often take the concept of “clean eating” to the extreme by avoiding certain types of food and banning them from their diet completely. Needless to say, people often form poor relationships with food as a result.

When the cravings for the “forbidden” food do kick in, many people often find themselves overconsuming large quantities of that food they might not have consumed if it wasn’t first forbidden in the first place! 

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