CORTISOL- Making you fat & angry!

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Cortisol is widely known as the stress hormone and is public health enemy number one. Scientific studies proved many years ago that elevated cortisol levels not only decrease lean muscle growth but increase body fat whilst lowering immune function, interfering with memory and decreases knowledge retention whilst increasing blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease.DEAR STRESS... LET'S BREAK UP!

Higher levels of cortisol have been scientifically linked to lower life expectancy, so obviously this is something we want to actively work on decreasing for overall health, and general well-being. A reduction in cortisol also carries the added bonus of an improved physique accompanied with a much happier mind set and improved mood.

Obviously a level of stress or cortisol is important as it motivates us to achieve and has health benefits, but in this day and age we face numerous pressures and when these are combined with intense training and an increase in stimulants to get the job done, which is usually accompanied with the depressants whether it be alcohol or sleeping medications, we end up with an extremely unhealthy level of cortisol with adrenal fatigue.

A good sign of adrenal fatigue and a high level of cortisol is constant tiredness, mild to severe depression, constantly getting sick, a higher consumption of stimulants and an increase in body fat or fluid retention.

Its not a surprise that the majority of society suffer from adrenal fatigue due to our fast paced lifestyles and higher levels of stress. The good news is that we live in an advanced age of supplement innovation and we have numerous tools that we can utilize to help decrease cortisol and the effects of adrenal fatigue. One of the best ways is to obviously decrease the excessive use of stimulants and to ensure you use a good amino acid supplement during training (a time of physical stress) and throughout the day as required. A testosterone formula is also optimal for men as it helps increase your anabolic state whilst keeping cortisol at bay.

The optimal way to assist the body through adrenal fatigue is to implement the use of adaptogen herbs and specified amino acids to assist the body. Some of the best herbs for this practise are Shizandra, Ashwaghanda, Withania, Ginseng, Tumeric Maca and Rhodiola Rosea amongst numerous others. These help by not only decreasing cortisol but helping the body deal with stress by balancing out energy levels and decreasing the negative effects of stimulants. Carnitine Tartrate is another excellent amino acid that can be used to help to decrease cortisol whilst increasing natural energy levels and as a bonus helps increase luteinizing hormone and thus increase free testosterone while mobilizing fats to be used as the primary fuel source.

Now the question you have been wanting to ask... WHAT CAN I TAKE TO HELP? (Those long list of herbs sounds like some hard effort...)

ASN have been very lucky enough to have locked down a new product from ATP Science- CORT RX, containing a large amount of the above mentioned herbs - WIN!

This product has been designed to assist with controlling your cortisol levels + re-storing your adrenal glands.

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