10 Week Body Transformation Challenge 2017 Winners!


We are so happy to share with you the winners of this year’s ASN Body Transformation Challenge. We had over 5000 challengers this year and winners, Colleen and Paul worked extremely hard to achieve AMAZING results and would love to share with us their stories on their journey, through the challenge and what they are doing post challenge.

1st Place Female - Colleen Neumann


"Little did I know, I actually did have time for that. You don’t need a lot of time, 30 minutes here and there is all you need, everyone can do that. I used to wake up from a big night sleep, to only still be completely tired. I had no energy for anything, I wasn't being fair to my kids let alone myself. I’m meant to be a role model here and be happy and healthy for my children at least.

So that’s when I decided to do the BTC challenge. It’s no time like the present, I just had to get started. The first 2 weeks was hard, like it is with anything. I was going from multiple cans of soft drink and energy drinks a day, to nothing, it was hard, but I did it and boy does it feel amazing.

I started to wake up feeling really energetic and I noticed I didn’t need to have long naps during the day just to get me through. Once I started seeing results, both mentally and physically it became a real addiction. Of course, I want to wake up feeling amazing every day instead of sluggish.

Weeks and weeks went by and more and more progress was happening. Fitness and healthy eating didn’t become a chore anymore, it became life and I have ASN to thank for this. They gave me all the tools I needed to succeed, not only in this challenge, but for life. The challenge has been over for a few weeks now, and I’m still training hard, and eating well. Being healthy has become an addiction to me, the only question I ask myself now is why didn’t I do this sooner? Who wouldn’t want to feel amazing every single day.

All of the team at ASN throughout the challenge have been amazing. No questions were ever too silly for them and they were always 100% there for you with whatever you needed. The forum was amazing and any time of day an ASN staff member would be right there answering our questions or giving advice. I loved all the little extra things along the way, like the weekly little competitions, the live chats, and even the other challengers were all amazing and supportive to each other. The forum was a big part of the challenge for me, and definitely having so much support and knowledge from everyone combined helped get through the ten weeks.

I’m a bit of a Christmas addict, so at the start of the challenge I told my husband if I win I'd spend 10K on Christmas decorations, and he told me I could. Well I guess he didn’t think I would actually win, right? Haha. Realistically though, we are doing some renos and getting a spa, although a massive 8metre Santa on my roof would be awesome at Christmas hehe!"

1st Place Male - Paul Burns

18222233_10154636106580292_8157082790573191120_n"To think in just 10 short weeks, I could transform my body and my life by losing 25 kg and go from struggling with XXXL clothes to being comfortable in medium in my 40's even I wouldn't believe possible if I had not done it now myself.

I, like many people have struggled to lose weight and maintain a balanced lifestyle. What this ASN BTC has done is given me a structured & balanced Nutrition and training plan. I have always been a focused person when I put my mind to it, however with life pressures it has not always been the case for my health & fitness. The biggest satisfaction is knowing that I have personally identified key mind challenges which had previously led to my weight issues. What I have gained is a healthier way to focus on how, I now look after my life, so much so that I intend to study in this field to pay it forward to help others also.

What I would say to anyone considering in taking this challenge is not what have you got to lose, but what do you want to gain! For me this was simply Life!!! (Whatever It Takes)

Life after ASN BTC has been a whirlwind of positive energy from within, what has changed from pre-challenge a hell of a lot, but post challenge it's virtually the same as during but a little more maintenance with training and Nutrition. My plan for the future is to be the healthiest I've ever been for life. As for my plans with the bonus prize of winning this challenge, I'm planning some overseas travel, and on a future note intend to take on studies in personal training to help others change their lives also."

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