ASN’s Top 6 Pre Workouts for 2016

It's 6am Tuesday morning. The alarm buzzes. It's time to hit the gym.

You roll over to indulge in that borderline-orgasmic 10 minutes of procrastination induced bliss known as "snoozing", blindly smashing your alarm clock into submission.

Feeling the tightness and satisfying DOMs in your pectoral muscles while performing this shameless routine after a crushing assault on the bench press known to most as "Chest Monday", you toy with the notion of skipping today's leg session (again) in favour of a good old fashioned sleep in.



1: Crank: $69.95

crank 22

Lecheek's Crank! Prototype II has prototype in the name, so straight off the bat you know you're in for a hectic ride. As Max Power, Homer Simpson's new and improved alter-ego would say, "Strap yourself in and feel the G's!"

"Max Power, he's the man!"

Crank! earns its place perched atop our prestigious list with the ultimate pre workout trifecta of glory; an awesome taste, a complete and powerful formula, and no BS fillers.

Looking to try Pre Workout supplements for the first time and want to hit the ground running (literally)? Keep reading, as Crank! Prototype II is not for beginners. This hardcore stimulant heavy pre workout, straight from the USA, is for stim' junkies who lust after that skin-tingling, face melting pre workout rush that kicks you in the face harder than Chuck Norris himself.

Learn more about Crank here.


2: Bombshell: $59.95


Ladies, listen up; Bombshell is for you. Designed by Lecheek specifically for the demanding needs of the female athlete, Bombshell won't just turn your workouts up to 11, but also promotes estrogen metabolism and healthy hormone balance.

Are you tired of hitting the iron day in and day out, sweating your ass off but still can't get rid of that stubborn tummy roll or muffin top? We hate to be the bearer or bad news, but hormones may be the culprit here. Bombshell's full dose of Diindolylmethane DIM is the game-changer separating Bombshell from the competition, and will not only fuel your training sessions to new heights, but may result in a significant improvement to your body composition and overall mood!

Trust us, it's the bomb. Plus, $59.95 for a whopping 60 serves will keep you chargin' for dayz.

Learn more about Bombshell here.


3: Ambush: $69.95



Pre workout? This is the next level. This is Pre WARFARE.

"I don't read the script. The script reads me."

Ready for you and your gym buddies to turn into Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey JR in a scene from Tropic Thunder? Ready your guns with pure pump power with the veiniest vascularity on planet earth, and get ready to leave your enemies in the dust after every scoop of Ambush, locked and loaded with a formula of specifically dosed, scientifically validated ingredients designed for one purpose and one purpose only; complete and utter annihilation.

Did we mention that Recon fuels the American Military? That's badass.

Learn more about Pre Warfare here.


4: The One: $54.95



Remember that scene in The Matrix where Neo walks into the bank swagged up to the nine in a leather trench coat and proceeds to redefine history by setting the standard by which all things awesome are judged?

Which pre workout do you think Neo would take?

You can be The One just like Neo every time you walk through the doors of the gym with this out-of-control pre workout supplement from BPM Labs. Packed to the brim with scientifically advanced ingredients to deliver nuclear results, one scoop of The One will put your workout into overdrive, making taking out a never ending army of Agent Smiths look like child's play.

Prepare for energy. Prepare for pumps. Prepare for focus. This is The One.

Learn more about The One here.


5: GAT Nitraflex: $59.95

Ready to get alpha? GAT's Nitraflex is the real deal for gym boys who are ready to become gym men. Not only delivering an insane rush of energy, strength and skin splitting pumps, Nitraflex has been clinically studied and scientifically developed to boost free testosterone during training.

Not only boosting testosterone but also enhancing hypermia, your muscles will be engorged to a level that epitomises "swole".

Warning! This stuff is intense. It says at least 3 times on the tub not to take more than 1 scoop. So if you're going to ignore it and double scoop, just like you have every other pre workout since your first tub of N.O. XPLODE, make sure your affairs are in order first.

Learn more about GAT Nitraflex here.


6: C4 Gen 4: $44.95


C4 is back for Round 4 with their most potent and advanced pre workout yet. Putting proprietary blends to rest, C4's ingredient label greets you with transparency at its finest, nothing but specifically dosed compounds backed by years of research and market leadership, showcasing Cellucor's commitment to delivering the best of the best.

Gen 4 brings the addition of TeaCor, patented by Cellucor as one of the most advanced energy compounds on the market to deliver a clean rush of energy without a crash reminiscent of running head first into a brick wall. Hit the weights hard and then smash your day even harder!

Learn more about C4 here.


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