ASN’s Top 13 Products of 2017

With the festive season well and truely over and the new year, new me resolutions in full swing – we wanted to take a step back and share ASN's best-performing products from yesteryear – as voted by you!


# 1 - Oxyshred - $74.95

EHP Labs Oxyshred
OxyShred is considered the go-to staple pre-workout thermogenic / fat loss supplement for people of all shapes and sizes – and it's no surprise it was one of ASN's best selling products in 2017.

Oxyshred's formula boasts a decent dose of caffeine coupled with a clinical dose of non-stimulant fat metabolizer L-Carnitine. It's formula is also complimented by mixture of natural fat loss boosters such as Raspberry Keytones, Grapefruit Seed Extract as well as L-Tyrosine and Taurine to enhance mood. Not to mention, it's additional B Vitamin complex to aid in energy production tops off Oxyshred's formula to keep you happy and healthy!

OxyShred is a wicked supplement to keep in the cabinet to use as a powerful pre-workout in itself, plus to supplement for weeks at a time to keep trim and slim.

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# 2 - Define8 - $69.95


Say goodbye to your morning coffee and say g'day to Define8!

This elite thermogenic formula works all day, delivering your body with steady and sustained energy without the dreaded 3pm-itis. By aiding and increasing your body's natural thermogenesis, Define8 will not only allow you to burn a tonne more calories while training, but it will also increase your body's energy expenditure outside of the gym.

Available in six seriously phenomenal flavours  – Mango Orange, Wild Peach, Apple, Strawberry, Pineapple and Pink Lemonade (DROOL!), Define8 is a powerful and fantastic way to kickstart your busy day.

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#3 - Hydroxyburn Shred - $64.95

hydroxyburn shred

Want to increase your body's metabolism, burn calories while blasting those every so stubborn fat cells? Then Hydroxyburn Shred's Neuro-Thermogenic fat burner might be just what Dr. Fitness ordered.

Hydroxyburn Shred will help you hit your new year fitness and weight loss goals by suppressing your appetite and keeping those result-crushing cravings at bay. Not to mention, you'll be able to burn your way through the day with a smile on your face thanks to improved mood and energy levels.

Hydroxyburn Shred boasts six seductive flavours – Blue Lemonade, Watermelon, Orange Sorbet, Bubblegum, Super Berry and Lemon Lime.

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#4 - Nutrakey ISO OPTIMA WHEY - $59.95

nutrakey ISO WHEY

Formulated for both men and women, Nutrakey's ISO OPTIMA Whey Protein promotes rapid muscle repair and post-workout recovery without unwanted calories or carbs.

Available in four phenomenal flavours – Choc Ice Cream Swirl, Vanilla Cake Batter, White Chocolate Macadamia and Cookies & Cream – ISO Optima is the perfect whey protein for anyone looking to make lean gains in 2018 without blowing their daily calorie budget.

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#5 - Pranaon Power Plant Protein - $34.65


Pranaon's certified vegan + vegetarian Power Plant Protein is an incredibly delicious, nutritious and environmentally friendly source of protein for your post-workout shake.

Formulated from raw plant based materials and fortified with digestive enzymes, probiotics and amino acids – this natural, gluten free protein powder 30g of bio-available and complete protein per serve.

Plus, it's scientifically proven to be the most Instagramable protein on the market. ;) 

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#6 - Evolve Anabolic Injection - $89.95

evolve anabolicinjection

For those who adore the convenience of simply dropping a scoop of powder in the shaker cup and are on a mission to make serious gains in 2018 – look no further than Anabolic Injection.

Each serve is loaded with 30g of high quality Whey Protein Isolate & Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate, as well as 46g of carbohydrates from a tri-blend of sources: Dextrose, Maltodextrin and Waxy Maize Starch. With the addition of Tri-Creatine Malate, L-Glutamine & BCAA's, while containing next-to-no fat whatsoever, Anabolic Injection is the ultimate go-to post workout shake to supercharge muscle growth and nail of your post-workout nutrition in one go.

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#7 - Nubreed Throwdown - $59.95


Formulated with the more seasoned lifter in mind, Nubreed Throwdown's hybrid pre-training catalyst packs a powerful preworkout punch full of intense stimulation and unrivalled pumps.

Throwdown is no longer available, check out some of our other great pre-workouts here.



#8 - Redcon1 Total War - $69.95


If you're looking to bring the noise and thunder to your 2018 workouts, then Redcon1's Total War all-in-one pre-workout is for you.

It's powerful combination of stimulants and nootropics along with N.O. compounds makes Total War the go-to pre-workout for those chasing more energy, focus, and skin splitting pumps during their workouts this year.

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#9 - Blackstone Labs Dust V2 - $59.95



Endurance, Strength, Energy and Pump will be in abundance with each delicious scoop. Guaranteed.

I mean, this stuff isn't "flavoured", it's "cut with" your favourite sweet twist, and as far as we're aware, there aren't many things more hardcore than a mind-boggling pre workout powder which is "cut" with cotton candy.

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#10 - Gen Tec Casein Custard - $29.95

gen tec casein custard

Protein Custard, you say? This delicious, macro-friendly goo satisfied even the sweetest of sweet toothes in 2017, and will do the same for you in 2018 – guaranteed.

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#11 - BSC High Protein Bars (New favours) - $4.50 Each


BSC's High Protein Bars were MASSIVELY popular in 2017 – and it's no question why...

These delicious low calorie, low carb, high fibre with no added sugar snacks pack 19.5g of protein per bar without any of that yucky artificial sweetener after taste.

Sporting four new flavours – Strawberry Cheesecake, Salted Caramel, Apple Pie, and Choc Mocha – at only $4.50 a pop, do yourself a favour and try one of these delectable bad boys this year.

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#12 - BYS High Performance Coffee - $59.90


Change the way you start your day in 2018 with Before You Speak's High Performance Coffee!

This high performance coffee has been infused with superfoods to naturally improve your health, wellbeing and performance.

Made from high quality Single Origin Columbian Arabica coffee beans, you'll enjoy the smooth, clean aromatic taste of Before You Speak Coffee whilst enjoying the added benefit's of antioxidants and nutrients to help boost your metabolism and increase physical performance.

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#13 - High Protein Mars Bars / High Protein Snickers Bars - $5.95 Each 


Yes, this is real life! In case you missed the memo in 2017, Mars and Snickers have stepped into the protein bar arena – by adding 18g of protein to their famous Mars and Snicker bar formulas.

Shop High Protein Mars Bars & High Protein Snickers Bars now.


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