weightloss-transformationMeet our 6 WEEK SHRED RUNNER UP- Carina Gabb

Story from Carina: asn 6 week shred carina gabb

Hi my name is Carina and I was a serial YO-YO dieter,
I never finished what I started, I found excuses for things that were too hard and became only an existence in my own life I was meant to be living.

For the past few years I had been struggling with depression. I had gradually gained 30kgs in about 3 years. I was on a downward spiral and had no control over myself, my body or my mind. I hated everything about me and I didn’t see why I was loveable because look who I had become. It put a strain on my relationships, friendships, career, self-image, confidence and most of all I lost who I once was.

I somehow got a second wind when my amazing friend and trainer, Deanne Murphy took me under her wing. At this very same time I saw that ASN had advertised the 6 week shred and I knew this was the extra push and motivation I needed to succeed. Counting Macros was simple and the plans were easy to use. Everything that ASN provided from the Supplement guides, Nutrition Guides and Training Plans were detailed and helpful for anyone from beginner to pro. I started up Crossfit thanks to ASN Castle Hill for introducing me to it, and have been going on average 3 times a week whilst also continuing to see my trainer, Dee, once a week.

A huge thank you to Lynsey Gordon and my Team ASN Castle Hill fitfam who were absolutely amazing, I have never met a group of people who thrived off lifting others up no matter where they were in their own journey. We are all winners in my eyes.
I finally did it. I lost 4% Body Fat, 5kgs, 62.5cms all over loss in measurements and I gained back control of my life in just 6 weeks. I now wake up with a purpose; I get out of bed and can’t wait for life. I love me again and it is thanks to you ASN! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. This is just the beginning……

Love and Happiness,

Carina xo 


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