6 Ways To Get Rid of Lazy Lifestyle Habits For Ladies


Results or Excuses... Pick one.

But what if there was a way you could still skip the gym, eat your favourite foods and have the beach body you've been lusting after on Instagram Unfortunately ladies, you can't have it all.

But what you can have is the results that you desire, supported by a healthy, active lifestyle.

While fitness for some is a core way of life, for others, it seems to have a mind of its own, coming and going in waves. One day we're bounding out of bed (okay, maybe not quite bounding) to go for a jog before whipping up a healthy smoothie followed by a brisk walk to work... and before we know it, we're relentlessly smashing the snooze button before grabbing an Egg McMuffin from the drive though, sitting in the car on the way to work.

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Every evening we swear to ourselves, "tomorrow morning will be the day", and then before we know it we're back in that dreaded snooze cycle all over again. But how DO you kick these habits to the curb? For a lot of us, we're quick to treat the symptoms, but unfortunately, these bandaid solutions don't last long and we're back at square one before we know it. The solution? Treat the cause!

Here are 6 sure-fire ways to put an end to those bad habits and get back on track to a better, healthier you.

1. Set Short And Long Term Goals.

"I want to drop 3 dress sizes" or "I want to be able to run a marathon" are great goals, but let's face it, how long is it going to take you to realistically achieve these goals?

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Rather than focusing 100% of your efforts on the end game, set daily, weekly and monthly goals to fulfil the sense of achievement you deserve. Start simple with the goal of doing 10,000 steps each day, or doing 3 resistance training sessions per week. Don't forget to make your goals measurable, achievable and keep yourself accountable. A slip up every now and then is okay (hey, you're only human after all!) but make sure to always get back on track. Didn't hit your daily step goal? No worries, you'll get there tomorrow, and that doesn't mean you can't hit your weekly and monthly goals!

You'll be in the dress of your dreams before you know it.

2. Surround Yourself With Motivation

They say you're a product of your 3 closest friends, and when it comes to lazy lifestyle habits, this couldn't be more true!

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Have a look at those closest to you, are they encouraging you to be the best version of yourself possible, leading by example? Or are they asking you to grab them an Egg McMuffin on the way to work too? A workout buddy is a surefire way to kick the laziness to the curb and haul-ass out of bed at dawn, because you're not just accountable to yourself, you're accountable to someone else. Need a little extra kick-up-the-butt? Set a motivating photo as your phone wallpaper (either a goal body image or motivational quote) and look at it every time you go to snooze your alarm.

3. Find Exercise That You Actually Enjoy

This one is absolutely crucial! Hate running? Find group fitness classes intimidating? Just "don't get" yoga?

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Then don't do it! You'll never stick to something you don't enjoy, so don't be afraid to try new things until you find something that you look forward to. While some love lifting weights, others hate being in the gym and would rather exercise outdoors. You never know, you might find a new love for boxing or martial arts!

4. Reward Yourself

While it's always important to be consistent and stick to your diet to see results, we're only human, and we respond well to incentives.


Got a dinner coming up on Friday night, or maybe a friend's birthday party? Rather than stress about the potential extra calories, use the event as a reward for a hard week's worth of exercise. When you get home from work and the temptation to throw on Netflix and order a pizza is rearing it's ugly head, remind yourself that the reward for all your hard work is on the horizon, and enjoy yourself as a guilt-free celebration for all the hard work you put in that week.

Just don't slip back into old habits on Monday morning  ;)

5. Audit Your Diet

Feeling slow? Lethargic? Lost that "spark" for exercise that you once had?

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Take a look at what you're putting into your body on a day to day basis and the culprit might just be starring you right in the face. If you've been in a calorie deficit or sticking to a low carb diet, don't be surprised that you're lacking in energy! Can't bounce back for a few days after resistance training? Make sure you're getting a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight! Diet has a huge impact on mood, and don't forget about those micro-nutritional deficiencies too! Eat healthy, time your carbohydrates around exercise and pop a multi-vitamin every morning.

Don't expect to be bounding and full of beans after a fast food feast! Your brain might want to work it off, but your body will be thinking otherwise.

6. Prioritise

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We all only have 24 hours in a day, so ask yourself, what are your absolute priorities? Is going out for a few drinks after work with friends worth the extra calories and being too tired to go to yoga the next morning? Or is being up bright and early, ready to tackle your class with no excuses more important? Pick your Top 3 priorities in life and shape your daily routines around them. Before you know it, you'll have cut out all the little things hindering your progress, and with your eyes on the prize, you'll watch those habits soon become a thing of the past!


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