5 Fat Loss Hacks To Burn Calories Throughout The Day

Crafting ideas into reality

Who doesn't want to look a little leaner?

In most gym junkie's books, (sorry hard gainers!) fat loss is definitely in the "pro's" column of training and exercise. Whether you're trying to shed the kilos or just want to look a little more defined at the beach, easy ways to burn fat are worth their weight gold. While there are lots of ways to rev up fat loss, they tend to revolve around either increasing calorie output by altering your approach to exercise and training by performing more vigorous training or increasing cardio sessions, or decreasing calorie intake, let's be honest, and no one wants that.13697177_1312860152088249_7673289382269532908_n

But what if there were some sneaky ways, aka "hacks", that you could effortlessly implement into your daily routine to reap major rewards on your fat loss efforts, without even trying? (#4 is literally the exact opposite of your current fat burning activities). Read on to find out ASN's Top 5 Fat Loss Hacks.

1: Take The Stairs, Every Time

Seems simple right? Every time you have the option between the stairs or lift/escalator, take the stairs. Build this into your daily routine as religiously as your morning coffee and soon enough, your weekly calorie output will boosted without evening trying, and your glutes will thank you for it too!

2: Supplement With A Thermogenic

Although caffeine is a great way to suppress snack cravings and get a quick pick-me-up, it also doubles as a method of increasing the amount of calories the body burns on a daily basis. Coffee is great for this, but if you want to take things to the next level, a thermogenic is your best bet. By increasing the body's working temperature, you burn more calories as you lecheek pyroexercise, or even simply perform day to day tasks. Thermogenics also have the added benefit of natural fat loss metabolisers, and provides an incredible boost in energy, especially handy for those in a calorie deficit!

Our thermogenic of choice goes to Pyro by LeCheek. To lean more about Pyro, click here.

3: Stay Active

Hitting the gym regularly is a great way to get a condensed burst of exercise and energy expenditure, however, the benefit of incorporating regular physical activity into tasks throughout the day is often over looked. Try walking to a more distant coffee shop for your morning cup of joe, catching public transport, or even just taking a break from work to stretch your legs for 10 minutes a few times a day. This has a two pronged benefit, as not only does the body burn more calories as a result of this, but your metabolism is kick started through physical activity! This isn't to replace your cardio exercise at the gym, no no no, but to compliment it by making being on your feet for a little more of your day.

4: Sleep More

"But I have to get up early to exercise!" Are we saying a sleep-in will burn that tummy fat in place of a workout? Nope, sorry. So what are we saying? Go to bed earlier! Being sleep deprived reaps havoc on the body in more ways than you'd think, and the fat burning metabolic function is a key culprit. Even getting 2 hours less sleep per night than your body needs can trigger a 50% rise in cortisol, the body's stress hormone. The bad news? Increased Cortisol = Increased appetite.

Plus, when you're sleep deprived you're lazy and move less!

5: Stress Less!

Easier said than done, right? But taking the time out to actively try to reduce daily stress not only has mental payoffs, but physical benefits too!6 week shred day 2 122

When we're under stress, not only are we more likely to reach for more calorie dense foods, often rich in saturated fats or sugar, but our body also produces more of the naughty C word; cortisol. Not only does this stress response hormone boost our appetite, it also suppresses testosterone production, leading to increase stored fat, particularly in the abdominal area.

Want to hit two birds with one stone? Cut down on stress by going for a long walk!


There you have it, the quickest and easiest ways to accelerate your body's fat loss that doesn't involve more intervals, longer training sessions or cutting out your favourite foods!