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Struggling to turn up the heat in the gym? Look no further than USP Labs new and improved energy, power, strength and recovery boosting pre-workout formula, Jack3d!


  • Zero calories and zero sugar
  • Promotes enhanced energy, focus and pump
  • Promotes enhanced strength and muscle mass
  • Supports rapid recovery
  • Promotes heightened and sustained energy
  • Promotes increased endurance


USP Labs all-in-one powerhouse pre-workout supplement is back, and it’s better than before. Re-introducing: Jack3d. Designed with one goal in mind, USP Labs Jack3d will help you to raise your personal benchmark and get the most out of your workouts with this energy loaded, focus enhancing, recovery accelerating and strength boosting formula.

Jack3d’s new and improved formula includes the addition of nootropics to directly stimulate adrenaline and dopamine, which help to enhance cognitive function, focus, energy, motivation and fat burning when elevated. Additionally, caffeine has been added to the mix to assist with improving cognitive performance, endurance, energy output, strength and reaction time, while simultaneously working to increase thermogenic fat burning and your metabolic rate. To boost performance even further, TeaCrine has been added to help increase energy levels without irritability, allowing you to take your physical and mental performance to new heights.

If the energy-enhancing ingredients aren’t enough to get you pumped for your next workout, Jack3d has taken it one step further by delivering the ultimate strength and performance elixir. Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid known to promote increased lean muscle mass, strength and endurance. Likewise, arginine nitrate has been added to the mix to help further improve athletic performance and recovery time post-workout to promote prolonged vasodilation.


Loaded with a potent combination of stimulants and neuro factors, USP Labs Jack3d is the all-in-one pre-workout formula you can count on for soaring energy, heightened focus, and muscle splitting pumps. Not for beginners or the faint-hearted, this hardcore supplement is reserved for experienced gym goers wanting to maximise their results and their performance.

Mix 1 serving (1 level scoop) in 600ml of water and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Consume prior to workout. 

Nutrition & Ingredients

Based on Sour Gummy flavour

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