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14 days to a killer body.
Available in 14 Sachets (42 Capsules).

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Fitique Frock Rocker: Your killer body is only 14 days away

Ignite your fitness journey so that you can rock a frock in 14 days!

Frock Rocker contains powerful fat burning ingredients designed to reduce bloating, enhance muscle tone, remove toxins and give you an overall feeling of increased energy and wellbeing. Removing toxins from your body will help clear your skin, and ensure your hair is shinier and eyes are brighter.

Benefits of Fitique Frock Rocker

  • - Powerful fat burner
  • - Reduces bloating
  • - Enhances muscle tone
  • - Removes toxins from your body
  • - Healthier & clearer skin

How Fitique Frock Rocker can help you get a killer body in 14 days

  1. 1. All-in-one fat burner supplement
  2. 2. Detox with ginger, milk thistle and choline
  3. 3. Remove excess fluids from the body through combination of herbs & minerals

Take 1 sachet before breakfast daily with 300ml of cold water.


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