OxyShred & Beyond BCAA

OxyShred & Beyond BCAA

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OxyShred & Beyond BCAA bundle includes:

  • EHPLabs OxyShred (60 Serve) - RRP $74.95
  • EHPLabs Beyond BCAA (50 Serve) - RRP $$59.95


Excel in your weight loss and fat burning efforts with EHP Labs Oxyshred, one of the most powerful thermogenic supplements on the Australian market!

Scientifically formulated with EHP Labs Oxyshred’s Hyper-Lipolysis Compound, Oxyshred combines powerful fat metabolizing L-Carnitine at a full 3.5g dose, with natural fat burning compounds such as Raspberry Ketones, Grapefruit Seed Extract, African Ild Mango, Green Tea Coffee Bean and Olive Leaf Extract to create the ultimate thermogenic effect.

By converting stored fat cells to the mitochondria where they can be converted to energy, EHP Labs Oxyshred also limits calorie absorption, so that you burn fat and keep it off! Oxyshred also regulates appetite, to fight snack cravings and achieve your weight loss goals, without the use of synthetic dietary compounds which often carry nasty side effects.


Beyond BCAA is an anti-catabolic and hydration formula from EHP, designed to be supplemented intra workout, or supped on throughout the day, to deliver scientifically formulated doses of BCAA’s, as well as essential recovery and endurance boosting ingredients.

Including a scientifically researched and optimal 2:1:1 dosage of amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, Beyond BCAA packs 10g of BCAA’s per serving, along with 1g of Alpha HICA and 3g of Citrulline Malate. Combined with Taurine for a boost in the body’s energy production and Tyrosine to boost focus, as well as Vitamin C, a full spectrum of B vitamins and ultra-hydrating electrolytes, Beyond BCAA is your new gym partner, to keep you training longer and harder, while recovering more efficiently.

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