Egg Albumen

Egg Albumen
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International Protein Naturals Egg Albumen
100% egg white protein

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International Protein Naturals 100% Egg White Protein is a natural ingredient, with absolutely nothing added. Because of this you will get the benefits of liquid Egg Albumen; a superior top quality protein made up of all the essential amino acids necessary for the body for tissue development and repair, while being cholesterol, lactose and fat free.

Egg Albumen 100% Egg White Protein is an easily absorbed ‘whole food’ protein with a superb amino acid profile that is still regarded as the ‘gold standard’ of protein supplements. It is a moderate release protein making it ideal for a between meal protein snack.

Egg Albumen is an excellent protein source for those who can’t or don’t wish to consume meat or dairy products. It can also be used to replace fresh/liquid egg whites in recipes such as baked goods.

To make the equivalent of fresh egg white, mix 30g (1 ¼ SCOOPS) with 210ml of cold water and allow to hydrate for 10 minutes. This is equivalent to approximately 8 egg whites. Use as you would use liquid egg white.
If desired, you can add Egg Albumen directly to other liquid foods such as smoothies.

Nutrition & Ingredients
 Servings per Container:  30

 Serving Size:  30g


 Ave Qty Per 30g Serving 

 Ave Qty Per 100g 


431 kJ

103 Cal

1437 kJ

344 Cal


24.0 g

80.0 g

 Fat, Total-  Saturated

0.0 g

0.0 g

0.0 g

0.0 g

 Carbohydrates,  Total- Sugars

1.3 g

1.3 g

4.5 g

4.5 g


372 mg

1240 mg


336 mg

1120 mg

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