Collagen Regenerate

Collagen Regenerate

Australia's first bio-active collagen peptide for tendons & ligaments.

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Reap the benefits of Australia’s first bioactive collagen peptide for tendons and ligaments with Body Science’s clinically trialled and result-driven formula: Collagen Regenerate!


  • HASTA approved
  • May boost collagen synthesis
  • May prevent injury
  • May promote recovery
  • High absorption rate compared to other collagen products
  • Australia’s first bio-active collagen peptide for tendons and ligaments


Did you know that collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and plays an important role in providing strength and structure to your tendons, ligaments, skin and muscles? Whether you’re an elite level athlete or a weekend fitness warrior, strong tendons and ligaments are vital for optimal movement, control, stability, mobility and physical performance.

Exclusive to Body Science and supported by extensive clinical trials in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, intensive human case studies, and an in-depth AIS study, Collagen Regenerate contains TENDOFORTE, which is the most heavily researched and versatile collagen peptide on the market. Collagen Regenerate’s cutting edge formula delivers fast-absorbing bioactive collagen peptides that have been specifically formulated to help regenerate ligaments and tendons. Additionally, the formula also contains Vitamin C owing to the role it plays in normal collagen formation and normal blood vessel blood structure and function. Flexible and versatile, Body Science Collagen Regenerate can be used in lower doses to boost collagen synthesis to prevent injury or it can be used alongside rehabilitation protocols to promote recovery.


From professional sportspeople, functional trainers and endurance athletes to those going through rehabilitation and the elderly population, Body Science Collagen Regenerate is suitable for everyone wanting to prevent injury or support recovery. This simple and convenient formula can be mixed with 250ml of water or added to your morning brew, smoothie, BCEAA, protein pancakes, protein shake or yoghurt for a little extra flavour!

Low dose for prevention and additional support in the recovery period: 5g daily
High dose for recovery of specific tissue damage: 10-15g daily during rehabilitation

Simply mix with 250ml of water or beverage of choice.

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