The Best Green Powders For Digestion


As the saying goes, ‘modern problems require modern solutions’, and across our stores at ASN, we are pleased to supply a range of solutions that can support your digestion and intake of greens. Daily greens formulas.

These super greens formulas do more than just support your vegetable intake and can support your immunity, energy, detoxification, gut health and digestion.

Greens powders generally contain prebiotics, which are specialised plant fibres that can stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. These prebiotics are primarily found in fruits and vegetables, particularly those that contain complex carbohydrates. They aren’t digestible by your body, allowing them to pass through your digestive system to feed healthy bacteria and other microbes (Mayo Clinic Staff. 2021).

You will also commonly find probiotics in your super greens powders. These probiotics can restore the composition of the gut microbiome and support your digestion by introducing beneficial functions to gut microbial communities that can prevent gut inflammation and other issues (Hemarajata, P et al. 2013).

What are Greens Powders?

So, what are greens powders? You’ve probably already guessed that they’re packed with leafy greens, but don’t worry; you’re investing in much more than just a tub of spinach and kale.

While each greens formula will follow its own blueprint, they commonly contain herbs, adaptogens, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes and other ingredients. These super greens powders typically contain 25-40 different ingredients, which most often include:

Leafy greens like spinach, kale and parsley.

Seaweed like spirulina, chlorella and kelp

Vegetables like broccoli, beets, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage

Grasses like barley, wheatgrass and alfalfa grass

High-antioxidant fruits like blueberries, raspberries, goji berries and acai berries

Nutritional extracts like green tea extract, grape seed extract and ginkgo biloba extract

Plant-based digestive enzymes like amylase, cellulase, lipase and papain

Herbs like holy basil, astragalus and echinacea

Mushrooms like maitake mushroom and shitake mushroom extract

Extra fibre like rice bran, inulin and apple fibre

These ingredients are usually dried, drained or dehydrated and ground into powder. Most of these blends are vegan and vegetarian-friendly and are generally high in vitamins A and C, which support immune function (McCulloch, M. 2018).

Top 5 Greens Powders for Digestion

Evolve Green Machine

Green Machine is an all-in-one formula that contains a comprehensive greens mix dominated by alfalfa grass, barley grass, broccoli, kale, spinach and wheat grass powder, among others. This blend includes a ProDURA Bacillus coagulans probiotic, a resilient and unique strain of spore-forming bacteria. ProDURA can withstand the harshest environments and supports a healthy balance of beneficial-to-harmful bacteria. It also promotes a healthy gastrointestinal tract and helps to break down lactose (Maypro).

This blend contains apple cider vinegar, which can support digestion, bloating and abdominal distension because it can increase stomach acid and may help relieve bacteria buildup (Wilson, D. 2020). Green Machine contains a multivitamin and mineral complex that is packed with vitamin A, and B vitamins, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Biotin and more. These ingredients support your immune function, energy metabolism, neurological function, bone health and more.

Veego Super Greens

Veego Super Greens is a nutrient-rich formula specialising in gut health and immunity. This formula contains 33 nutrients and is galvanised with five supercharged blends. Veego has put extra emphasis on using organic and sustainably farmed greens, providing your daily dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are naturally sweetened with stevia.

This Veego greens powder contains sustainably-farmed ingredients like spirulina, elderberry, psyllium husk and more. Veego Super Greens utilises the LactoSport probiotic, which is a clinically validated and commercial probiotic that can improve the gut microflora and incite the production of short-chain fatty acids that can further help counter low-grade inflammation. These healthy bacteria can aid digestion while assisting with the management of the immune system, IBS, and weight management (LactoSpore).


Vitality Switch

Switch Nutrition’s Vitality Switch is a revitalising greens powder primed to support gut health and digestion. Vitality Switch contains 35 ingredients alongside five blends to support your immune function. A gut & vegan collagen-boosting blend has been included to support your health, while an award-winning antioxidant superfood formula formed from sustainably farmed greens can boost your nutrient intake and support your gut health, digestion and well-being. An organic mushroom blend can support your body’s vital systems, while a digestive enzyme blend can help you break down and absorb nutrients found in food.

White Wolf Greens + Gut Health & Immunity

There’s nothing more gutting than an unhealthy gut, which is where White Wolf comes into play with their super greens formula dedicated to gut health and immunity. This blend includes industry-leading ingredients that can aid your body’s natural immune function. White Wolf Greens + Gut Health & Immunity has incorporated a unique blend of anti-parasitic essential oils and gut-specific raw organic whole foods to improve gut health and increase nutrient absorption.

Larch Arabinogalactan has been included to support the increase of intestinal bacteria, while thyme oil, oregano oil, clove oil and peppermint oil have been included to offer anti-microbial support. Due to their anti-inflammatory benefits, citrus bioflavonoid, bromelain, quercetin, and zinc citrate have been added. This blend is enhanced with prebiotic and probiotic ingredients, including LactoSpore, N-acetyl glucosamine, apple pectin and green banana resistance to support digestion and gut repair.


EHP Labs OxyGreens

EHP Labs OxyGreens is a complete green superfood complex that supports detoxification, gut health and digestion. This blend contains a green superfood complex, antioxidant, prebiotic fibre and a range of other wellness ingredients. OxyGreens includes a complex of barley grass, broccoli, kale and spinach alongside Vitamins A, K, E & C to support liver detoxification and immune health.

A prebiotic fibre complex of chicory root, green kiwi fruit, green banana and larch are used to nourish the good gut bacteria and improve nutrient absorption in the gut lining to promote a healthy digestive system.

The Summary

Your digestive health matters, so take care of it. Your digestive system plays a pivotal role in bringing nutrients into your body. If you’re not looking after it, you can expose yourself to a range of uncomfortable symptoms (Hirsch, A. 2020).

We know it isn’t always easy to maintain a healthy and regular intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, but that is what makes greens powders so important. They won’t replace the real thing, but they’re easy to mix, quick to prepare and can be taken on the go.

If you have no idea where to start, head in-store or reach out online, and our friendly team can help you choose the best greens powders and vitamins & health supplements to support your nutritional needs.



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