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Prioritising nutrition and fitness is crucial for overall health and wellness maintenance, but what's even more important? Hydration! Particularly when it comes to rest and recovery. To maintain high-level performance and achieve body goals, your body needs ample time to recharge and recover between sessions.

So, how does water fit into this? Our bodies are made up of 60% water, with a loss of 3-4 litres per day, even more so with regular exercise. So, keeping hydrated to maintain optimal functionality is a must, especially if you're striving for body goals like fat loss or muscle gain, as dehydration can significantly impede your goals, health, and risk of injury.

Hydration is the Key to Optimal Health:

Adequate hydration means water can:

Provide nutrients to cells with ease

Remove waste and toxins properly via urine

Keep joints lubricated to prevent injury

Improve sleep and reduce restlessness

Transport oxygen to cells for healthy body function

Maintain a healthy blood volume level, so the heart doesn't have to work as hard!

Regulate body temperature and PH balance

Aid with muscle soreness and tension

What are the Benefits of Drinking Water for Muscle Recovery?

1. Water is a Natural Muscle Energiser

How many times have you competed in a fitness competition or gone to the gym with inadequate hydration, only to feel lethargic and unable to perform to the best of your ability? Just remember, all of the hard work you put into reaching your goals in the gym require the same amount of importance placed on your workout nutrition...which includes optimal water intake!

Other than the obvious requirement for survival, have you ever wondered exactly why water is so important for muscle recovery and performance? It's simple: without adequate hydration, your muscles aren't getting the electrolytes required to maintain balance, resulting in diminished strength and control. On the flip side, with adequate hydration, you'll likely experienc more alertness and focus, resulting in a better overall performance.

2. Water is Important for Joint Lubrication

You may or may not have heard of the term 'synovial fluid', which is a thick liquid localed between your joints that acts as cushion for your bones and joints to reduce friction during movement. The point of mentioning this? Water is a key nutrient in the makeup of synovial fluid. As such,

3. Water is the secret to faster recovery

We all know the struggle of trying to back up a hard-hitting gym session when our muscles are feeling worse for wear. Our performance takes a hit, our energy is low, and our range of movement is limited. Believe it or not, dehydration can actually make the recovery period feel even worse. Among water's key responsibilities in the body are to help flush out toxins, transport nutrients into the cells, regulate body temperature and pH balance, and help to reduce muscle soreness. Adequately hydrated muscles will allow you to hit every workout with intensity and drive!