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Cobra 6 Extreme
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BlackStone Labs Cobra 6 Extreme Powder

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Blackstone Labs has refined the Cobra 6 formula with Cobra 6 Extreme, designed to take their already powerful weight loss supplement, and dial it up in terms of potency and effectiveness.

Cobra 6 Extreme’s active ingredients include Theobromine, Dendrobium, Advantra Z ™ and Higenamine, which result in extreme energy, as well as increased metabolism and focus. This combination of ingredients not only includes a powerful CNS Stimulant to improvement mood and focus, two things often lacking when dieting and exercising in a calorie deficit, while increasing lipolysis (fat burning) and suppressing hunger. With added stimulants and improved insulin sensitivity, Cobra 6 Extreme ticks all the boxes for a complete and powerful thermogenic fat burner.

Try Blackstone Labs Cobra 6 in Kiwi Strawberry or Watermelon flavours and melt fat away!

BLACKSTONE LABS COBRA 6 EXTREME Cobra 6 Extreme will get you as focused, energized, and in the most optimal fat burning zone! The combination of ingredients used will curb your appetite and destroy any destructive cravings for food within minutes of ingesting.

Blackstone Labs Cobra 6 Extreme should be taken 2 times per day.

For your first serving, simply take 1 scoop with water 30 minutes before doing pre-breakfast cardiovascular exercise on an empty stomach.

We recommend taking another serving 6-8 hours later with water.

We recommend taking Blackstone Labs Cobra 6 Extreme for 60 days straight before taking a 7 day break.

Nutrition & Ingredients

> Caffeine Anhydrous,

> Anchyranthes Aspera

> Higenamine

> Theobromine

> Dendrobium

> Advantra Z