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Rhiannon Keith
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I will try to be as succinct as possible. At the mere age of 5 I grew up playing rugby league alongside my twin brother in the boys’ league (girls didn’t play back then) up until I was 12. From a young age, playing sport was what my life revolved around. During highschool I represented NSW in swimming, netball, touch football, athletics, and cross country for consecutive years; and still hold a number of records in swimming and athletics to this day. After leaving highschool I went straight into a 4 year degree at the University of New South Wales, studying Exercise Physiology; which I completed and graduated from in 2015. I was been selected and played in numerous touch football, women’s rugby league and rugby union squads representing the state and national level. However, after having a horrific knee injury during a game of rugby I’ve now undergone 4 knee reconstructions over a period of 3 years; which unfortunately forced me to retire from the sport I truly loved. I transferred this passion for physical activity into hours in the gym, attempting to rehabilitate my injury. I then saw, and came to love and appreciate all of the physical and psychological improvements I developed from weight training. My focus was directed into bodybuilding competitions and studying the science behind supplementation and nutrition which coincidentally related to my qualification as a newly accredited Exercise Physiologist. I started in 2014 entering my first show as a Figure Novice competitor in the INBA federation. I was awarded first place in my first ever show. I went onto INBA Nationals and was awarded 3rd place in 2014. I then transitioned into the IFBB federation in 2015 and competed at the 2015 Australasians Championships in the Figure Novice Category where I was awarded 2nd place. In March I competed in the first ever Arnold Classic Australian Tour Competition where I was named champion in the Figure Novice category which is one of my most memorable moments of my life thus far. Late November 2015 I competed in the IFBB NSW Figure Open Category and also in the first ever Australian Amateur Olympia held in the Gold Coast as the youngest figure open competitor. I’m now working on developing my own business as an Exercise Physiologist and start a rehabilitation practice for people suffering chronic disease and injury, all while maintaining my training and keeping up with my fitness goals, aiming at competition again in 2017.


My goals in terms of health and fitness are constantly change; as I change. I am in a constant state of transformation, both mentally and physically and spiritually. As cliché as it may sound every day I wake up and strive to be better than the person I was yesterday. At the moment my short term goals: increase strength (this usually is always a primary goal for me). Personally, there’s no better feeling, then being strong. Strong body and strong mind. I’m quite content with the muscle mass I currently have, but I am always striving to develop my quads and hamstrings a little more as well as add more shape to my deltoids. Another short term fitness goal is being able to increase my functionality; adding in plyometric my training in almost all of my workouts (not just free weights and machines). I want to look but also train like a beast! I am aiming at mastering some boxing with a little help from others :) My long term goals would be to of day turn pro. However I am always striving to perfect the imperfectable; myself. So in terms of longevity, regardless of athlete status; pro or amateur, I want to be as versatile in my training as I can and try to do everything possible to make me as able as possible in all areas of training: hypertrophy, sprint, boxing, swimming etc. Meanwhile establishing a balance in my life is always something I’m aspiring to do better.


My nutrition is always changing depending on whether I’m in on/off season, whether I’m aiming at increasing my strength/muscle hypertrophy or planning on doing different forms of endurance training. During the week, when I am not preparing for a show, my plan usually (with variations) looks something like below. I usually tend to increase my carbs the day before my legs and back workouts and also make sure I have a pre and post training meal to aid performance and recovery. Nutrition is all about finding what works for YOU, your body and your performance goals! I am also lucky enough to have a meal sponsor (FOOD4FITNESS) who assist me with food prep for both pre and post comp. However my own prep includes: Breakfast- ½ Oats with a scoop of EVOVLE protein powder + tbsp walnuts + tsp cinnamon Snack 1: 4-6 thin rice cakes with cottage cheese jam/ peanut butter/honey and a piece of fruit Lunch- 150g Chicken breast/fish 100g brown rice/ sweet potato unlimited salad Pre training meal (1 hour before): 30g oats, tsp almonds Post training meal: 1 cup of egg whites ½ banana Dinner: 150g steak/ kangaroo + ½ cup basmati rice/ sweet potato + ½ avocado Pre bed snack: 4 thin rice cakes peanut butter or casein custard or 1/2 oats protein powder and a piece of fruit.


Again my training changes depending on my goals. In order to stimulate my body I am always adjusting my rep range and changing the intensity of my workout. Most training days I incorporate high volume and include large supersets wherever possible. I always make sure I include at least 3 heavy complex lifting sessions, powerlifting style (either squats, deadlifts, bench press). However the aim for me this year is to combine plyometric training into my routine. On Sunday morning I usually go for a 3km jog along Cronulla or stair sprints/ beach sprints or some boxing pad work for a couple hours. Followed by a big breakfast! My training plan during the week looks something like: Monday: Squats (Back and front), quad, glute and plyometrics/abs Tuesday: 1 hour boxing + shoulders hypertrophy (20min rowing) Wednesday: Chest and back (heavy low rep high intensity) Thursday: Shoulders, arms, abs Friday: Deadlifts, hamstrings and calves Saturday: Back, plyometrics (pull ups/chin up variations) and abs Sunday; morning ritual aforementioned and maybe an afternoon session if I want to :)


My supplement stacks are always changing depending on my goals and whether I am working on developing muscle groups or preparing for a bodybuilding show. I am always trying new supplements stacks that will help me get the best results from training and help aid recovery and performance. This list may be a lot to most; however this daily supplement routine has taken me time to establish. At the moment it includes:

Morning: EVOLVE super greens, fish oil, magnesium, ATP Science Alpha Venus.

Pre cardio: RECON Thermonuke + EVOLVE L-carnitine + NURBREED insanity capsule

Post workout: RECON WPI or EVOLVE Anabolic Injection + glutamine + Creatine

Intra workout: EVOLVE damage control or NURBREED’s BCCA’s

Preworkout: ZION war machine + creatine + Evolve ALC + NURBREED insanity capsule

Pre bed- ZMA tablets, LECHEEK Shredtime, Gen ten casein custard, ATP SCIENCE Alpha Venus


• Youngest Australian Amateur Olympia Figure Open Competitor 2016

• IFBB NSW Figure Open Competitor 2016

• Figure Novice Champion at the first ever Arnold Classic Australian Tour 2015

• 2nd place Figure Novice IFBB Australasian Championships 2015

• NSW CAPO Powerlifting Competitor 2015

• INBA NSW Figure International Champion 2014

• 3rd Place Figure Novice INBA Nationals 2014

• Australian Development Squad Women’s Rugby League Representative

• NSW Women’s Rugby League Representative

• ACT Brumbies Women’s Rugby Union Representative


'Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the one's we've been waiting for.' - Barack Obama

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